Raindance ~ Life’s Puddles

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What would it feel like
To consider the rain a miracle
rather than a nuisance…

We tend to stand in our dry warm spaces and look outside at the rain and frown.  Rain, like our sadder emotions, is unwelcome unless you’re acclimated to it.  We tend to look at our emotional rainstorms as something to just get through as quickly as possible so we can move on to a brighter future.  If we allow ourselves to have a rainy disposition, and learn to flow with it rather than putting on our raingear, we might learn some lessons that aren’t accessible in sunny times.

Horses are masters of the moment.  When it rains, they don’t bemoan the fact that their day is ruined.  They live in the elements, so they either seek shelter, hunker down to wait it out, or they keep moving.  This horse is reveling in the rain.  He is suspended, freed from gravity by his joy and wildness.  The darkness of the day doesn’t affect his spirit but rather he takes the darkness and transforms it by his actions.

Sometimes when it rains, it pours.  Sometimes it is best to hunker down and wait out the storm.  Other times, if we can connect with the Source of energy within, we can learn to dance in the puddles. ~ Kim McElroy


Raindance always reminds us of our horse Patches.  When we adopted Patches in 2001 he had been rescued by a kind hearted woman named Patti.  He was blind from uveitis, foundered with hooves that were overgrown from a year of no trimming, and he seemed at death’s doorstep at the age of 22.  But from the moment he came to our farm he stepped into the role of the leader of the herd. He learned the lay of the land and the placement of the gates, and where the water was, and within months of recovering his health he was trotting across our pasture at our call to feeding time.  A blind horse, navigating the darkness without fear.

This is a good lesson for me today.  The last few months have been some of the most challenging we have ever experienced.  We have had a series of seemingly endless health challenges with our animals.  Some have been life threatening, and others are ongoing chronic issues that defy solutions despite all medical, herbal and energetic and spiritual interventions.  During this time our weather has also been a hardship.  Each day we are challenged to provide the care they need while trying to balance our own needs.  It is mentally, physically and spiritually exhausting.  Yet each morning we wake up – and I see our animals carry the burden of their challenges with their hearts open and full of hope in the new day – and unlike us when we get lost in the appearance of the moment and the anticipation that things might get worse, they look for small pleasures.  Good food, a soft bed, loving companionship, a welcome scratch, and the impetus to keep moving because sooner or later the sun is going to shine, and in the meantime we need to remember Raindance…
“Raindance makes a beautiful print.  The original pastel was framed with a special stained glass called “seeded glass” which contains small bubbles that look like rain on a windowpane.  This special effect added many dimensions to the art, including shadows thrown by the bubbles, making another dimension of rain within the painting.  For more information on this print please contact me at www.spiritofhorse.com


  1. I needed to read this today. What an inspiration your blind horse is!
    Thank you.


  2. Kim, the energy work that I do has excellent results in many cases with stubborn issues in our equine friends. Please check out my website and if you feel I can be of assistance in helping any of your beloved horses, please let me know.

    Its my passion work, as the art is yours. Blessings in your work and your family….

    Cindy Kraft CEMT
    918 758 0433

  3. Very lovely to read all of this…as I, too, know all the ‘challenges you’ve been going through. I must say that I love (for now anyway) being able to enjoy your Raindance hanging on Mom’s wall in the living room….it is such a lovely piece…so free….and I love the effects of that ‘seeded glass’….also the effects on the piece depending on the light in the room…..it is inspirational, Kim.


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