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Lakota Reflections

Lakota is a beautiful Palomino Paint horse, lovingly owned by Mike Ridler who rescued him from his life of abuse and neglect.  Lakota had been passed from home to home, but  Mike tracked down all of his previous owners, and jumped through many hoops to obtain his registration as a Palomino Paint with the APHA.  His first owner who had loved him, said he had come into the world kicking, and so she had picked a Native American name for him.  Little did she know he had needed that strength to survive.  Now he has a happy and loving home with Mike and his wife Ali, and their other rescued horses and burros.

Read more about inspiration for Lakota's portrait in Mike's own words below:

Mike's Comments:

I was introduced to Kim McElroy when she painted a picture of my wife's late horse, Casanova, who is featured in Kim's portrait "One With The Wind".  Over the last two and a half years my wife Alicia, and Kim have gotten pretty close, due to Kim's very outgoing and fabulously friendly personality.  I absolutely loved her painting of Casanova so as a present to me Alicia had talked with Kim about doing a portrait of my horse Lakota.  From the beginning my experience working with Kim was nothing less than spectacular.  Kim is a very thorough artist.  Before starting the painting she gathers pictures of your furry friend and starts compiling them to get an understanding of all their characteristics and general appearance.  Then she has the client fill out a questionnaire about their relationship with their furry friend.  Also asks questions about the client's thoughts, ideas or overall expectations of a portrait.
          While I was working on the questionnaire I had stated that I had envisioned the Lakota's eye as a frame and in the reflection, him running.  At this time I did not know that Kim had done many of these "Horse's eye portraits".  When I had talked with Kim on the phone she had told me about the section on her website where I could see similar paintings.  When I saw those paintings they were exactly what I had in mind.  Although these paintings were very close to what I wanted none of them had the reflection of the whole horse in the eye.  While talking to Kim she listened to every single neurotic word I had to say, and with the photos she had compiled had made a mock up of the portrait.   SHE TOTALLY CAPTURED THE VERY DETAIL I HAD IN  MIND.  EVERYTHING DOWN TO THE SINGLE HAIRS IN THE EYELASHES WAS EXACTLY WHAT WE HAD TALKED ABOUT.
          When I received the painting and was opening it up I cannot even begin to express my utter shock and amazement.   I think if I remember correctly the first thing that came out of my mouth was something like, "HOLY COW Lakota is in my painting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"   This painting was so amazingly realistic and life like if I didn't know better I could have sworn he was actually in the house.  Alicia and I had spent hours that night staring at the portrait in tears of excitement and joy.  We seriously sat and stared, then would walk closer and closer and then pull back farther and farther.  I'm pretty sure we covered every single angle and distance possible, and with every look saw something new and gripping.  The way the painting flowed would carry your eyes from the outside edges to the center, then back out from the center to the outside and left and right; up and down. . .  Still now every time we look at this painting it presents itself in a new and shocking way.  We couldn't be happier with either one of our portraits or with the relationship with Kim that has come out of it.

"Lakota Reflections"

My eyes are the mirrors of my soul,
From the darkness, the light of my spirit was awakened

My eyes reflected the world around me
A world that I did not always want to see

My eyes shine clear and bright
Now that I am surrounded by love

My eyes see my own true self
Emerging. . .
~ Kim McElroy

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