A Horse Perspective


“If Wishes Were Horses” 19” x 25” Pastel by Kim McElroy

When I was a child I longed to have a horse. I didn’t know why this unexplained desire awakened in me, I only knew that it was important. When I couldn’t have a real horse I started drawing them. Fortunately this led to my dream career as a horse artist.

My painting, “If Wishes Were Horses” illustrates the fascination that many of us feel for horses. Having a horse is, in a sense, learning how to be like them. It took me 29 years to have a horse of my own – but now I realize what I was looking for.

At their core, horses are creatures of movement. Symbolically, when our world starts to revolve around horses, they affect us in ways we least expect. They are catalysts for change and expansion.

Just a few of the qualities they’ve inspired in me are:

Self awareness ~ Through horses, we can learn about ourselves and if we are lucky, tap into inner resources we never knew we had. We expand emotionally as horses teach us who we are through their reflection.

Relationships ~ We meet other people through the horses in our lives. Horses give us a common ground with which to expand our relationships. We make friends we never would have known otherwise – who share our common interests.

The Natural World ~ Horses draw us outside to experience nature. We must go out into the rain rather than walk through it. This makes the sun all the more welcome. Weather changes make us conscious of nature’s moods. We see the seasons shift in the plant, animal, and bird life around us. When we become more in tune with nature and horses, we become more fully ourselves.


  1. I wouldn’t change a comma in what I have just read. Horses deepen the link with ourselves, others and Nature. They give us the chance to be more genuine and bliss comes from our genuineness. Our vision of life get widen. We’re more conscious.
    Many thanks to Davina Andree for this record and many thanks to Kim McElroy for sharing.

  2. So true that my experiences with horses has allowed me to become more fully myself. Thank you for sharing both your stories and your beautiful art.

  3. I can totally relate. I too started drawing horses when I was young and my parents did not entertain ever owning a horse. My father was an artist/teacher so kind of natural for me to draw but my drawing never went anywhere. However, when I graduated and moved out of the house at 18 I got my first horse and have had horses ever since. Horses can teach us so much and now I want to share that learning with others.

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