A Tour of Kim McElroy’s Spirit of Horse Gallery

To visit Spirit of Horse Gallery at SkyeLandeSea Farm is to immerse yourself in artful magic. It is a result not only of planning but also of minds open to serendipitous revelations.

~ Sallie Wagner Brown

Read Sallie’s article for WestSound Blog about my studio Visit SkyeLandeSea Farm

Welcome to a virtual tour of my Spirit of Horse Gallery in our beautiful new home. Most of these special items you’ll see are for sale as of this December 2019 blog. Enjoy this tour and shop for the merchandise and artwork shown by clicking on the link for the payment page, or email me at artist@spiritofhorse.com for more information. I hope this will inspire those of you who live nearby to make an appointment for a special visit to our farm and studio. For those of you who live too far away hopefully you’ll feel a little more connected to my world.

Walk through the hobbit door to the
magic that awaits you…

The Hobbit Door

My studio is a dream come true for me. After living for sixteen years in our sweet 100-year old 800 square-foot cottage on this beautiful 8-acre farm with our animals, it was time to spread my wings and move up to the knoll where we built our dream home, which we named Knoelle. I wanted a studio with plenty of space, and a cozy and hobbit-like feeling, and a room full of warmth and light.

The Studio – with Griffin and Rikki kitties
Stairs to the main house
Studio corner
An artist’s dream – drawers of many colors
Darma always placing herself for the perfect glimpse in line with her spirit carving
A Thai oxcart prow winged horse statue

Now walk through another door, with a round window
to view the treasures…

The Gallery Door

This room off my studio became the perfect location for my Gallery. Griffin cat waits to show you a place where all my artworks and special treasures for sale are displayed.

Welcome to the Gallery

We stained the wood to look like old barn wood that wraps around what was a cement foundation wall. What better place to display beautiful horse art!

The Gallery

The kitties love the ground floor level window where Rikki kitty met my mare Darma spontaneously for the first time. I just happened to grab my phone in time to take this picture!

Rikki and Darma chance encounter through the gallery window!

As you enter the gallery to the right you will see memento’s of my business “The Fire Horse” that I started with my mother, Kay, in 1987. Shown is a photo of me presenting President Reagan with a portrait of his horse, and a letter written by Bo Derek thanking me for the painting I created of her stallion “Centauro” in “Field of Dreams”.

Fire Horse Mementos

Now on to the Art!

These small prints are available to brighten up a corner of your home with horse energy and gold light. The small original sketch is a one of a kind creation.

The door in the background goes to our crawl space. We made it look like a barn door with vintage hinges and tie ring from the ruins of the old barn we found on the property. Can you see Rikki sneaking in for a peek?

From top left gold frames
Distant Memories” framed $50
Fantasy” framed $50
Original Sketch “Right” $100

My self-published book of beautiful art and inspirational poetry!

40-page Color Book “Inspirations of Being” $28 – $40

From the left top – this corner features “Comfort” a print of two wild horses sharing a bond of safety and friendship, framed in a handmade frame of stained pine, “Dawn Challenge” a print of an illuminated horse, “Dreamcatcher” a visionary original, and “Willing” an original pastel sketch. Along with my fun Art Stones.

From top left to right:
Comfort” Framed $95
Dawn Challenge” Framed $95
Dreamweaver” framed $500
Bottom left: Art Stones $26 each
Bottom Right: Original Sketch “Willing” $100

This wall features the original “Courtship” Original pastel – one of my personal favorites – a wild mare and stallion inspired by horses I spent time with at Return to Freedom Sanctuary, drawn in pastel on transparent vellum paper, layered over handmade paper embedded with real flowers, and framed with horse hair, grasses and owl feathers. More Art Stones!

From left to right:
Territory” Framed Print $195
Courtship” Original Framed $2,800
Art Stones $26 each

These Spirit Sketch card sets make unique and make wonderful gifts – (Sorry the llama basket isn’t for sale! : )

Spirit Sketch Notecards Assorted Set of 5 for $10
Vertical or Horizontal

And more cards!

New Visionary Art Cards Set
Set of 4 for $15 or 16 for $40 (includes shipping)

Shown here clockwise from top left is what I call a “Unique Print” – “Evening” is a hand embellished with iridescent pastel with added fall leaves making it a one-of-a-kind original. “Territory” the white stallion has always been a favorite, framed here in reclaimed barn wood, and “Watchful”, the eye of my beloved friend, the stallion Avenger, also framed in old barn wood.

Clockwise from top left:
Evening” Hand-Embellished iridescent pastel $325
Territory” Framed Print $195
Watchful” $115

Shown here on the left is the original of “Heaven and Earth” a piece created from a vision I experienced during teaching the Horse as Muse workshop with Linda Kohanov. Drawn on transparent vellum which adds a unique and elusive quality to the pastel textures. On the right is “Leeward”, a unique pose inspired by an Andalusian stallion named “Navarre”.

Left to right:
Heaven and Earth” Original Pastel framed 21.5″ x 25.5″ $1,000
Leeward” Original Pastel framed 22.75″ x 25.25″ $1,200
Art Stones $26 each plus shipping

These works have deep dark hues so are difficult to photograph but if you click on the links you will see more aspects to their beauty. “Elysian” is a hand embellished print making it a one-of-a-kind original. “Stardust” is one of my personal favorites, a reclaimed original I bought back from its first owner, now re-framed and ready for a new forever home. “Blended Beings” an original pastel of two soul mates joined through life, facing the future as one.

Clockwise from left top:
Elysian” Hand-Embellished Pastel Print/Original $1,200
Stardust” Original Pastel Framed 24″ x 33.5″ $1,500
Blended Beings” Original Pastel framed Reduced Price! $1,800

Thanks for joining me in my gallery and studio. I hope you found a treasure along the way – or at least the dream of a treasure you will find someday…

There is a depth beyond the physical reality of the home and gallery at SkyeLandeSea. Nature is honored, and, in return, inspires visitors and the artist herself.

~ Sallie Wagner Brown

Read Sallie’s article for WestSound Blog about my studio
Visit SkyeLandeSea Farm


  1. Kim I love love love this tour and I am enthralled with your work and your special talent. I wish I could know you in person. Thank you for this great tour.

  2. Oh, Kim, this is all so YOU! I would love one day to immerse myself in your Gallery to soak in and absorb your healing energy. Just viewing the photos I’m inspired to continue pursuing my own art. You and your art are such a wonderful gift to our planet. We who know you, are blessed, indeed. With a deep bow, Namaste.

  3. I love this tour and your art! I too wish we would cross paths someday, maybe at Linda’s.

  4. Hi Kimmy!! Your home/studio is so enchanting!! Miss seeing at the shows!! But still enjoy our many prints and original!!????
    Barb & John

  5. Okay…now that I’ve had the chance to sit down and go on ‘tour’ I can now say double WOW! Of course, I’m lucky to have visited ….in reality….seeing the real thing! Lucky me…..

  6. Do you still have the “Dawn Challenge” framed for sale? If so, could you let my husband know… lol on my Christmas wish list!

  7. This just melts, melts my heart to see this space come to life for everyone to enjoy. Its truly beautiful and Im so glad I got to watch it come into reality. Every creation that comes out of this space is truly a gift for man kind!!!

  8. Merry Christmas Kim!

    I love the tour, it’s incredibly creative and your gallery is beautiful!

    A new comer to your e-cards, but I’m familiar with your work, and love the essence of spirit you capture in your art!


  9. Where do I go to find all of Kim’s work ?

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