Ancestral Wisdom

Hello ~
I wrote this poem with no forethought, and no knowing of where it was coming from. Often I wonder if my writings might be too esoteric for the reader, but in this case I have decided to follow my intuition and publish this poem, trusting that it is speaking to someone who will read it. If that someone does read it, please let me know what it means to you…
Ancestral Wisdom
Across the stones of time I speak to you
An ancient agreement
A silent pact

Power and vision and wisdom
Stirs within your soul as you remember the inner voice
Resounding as an echo
Across the still pool of time.

There is much to be done
To heal the wounds of the survivors
To seal the tombs of the warriors
And move on.

Ancestral Wisdom" also available as a custom signed print at

"Ancestral Wisdom" also available as a custom signed print at

Ancestral Wisdom Insights

This is a Soul Essence painting of a horse named Buck. Buck was in spirit when I was commissioned to paint him. When I meditated with Buck I asked him what his perception of his spirit is like. He showed me two colored ribbons or ropes — one royal blue and one red. They curved and flowed, sinuous and effortless. The blue seemed to represent emotional feeling and perception through a form of touch or sensing, and the red seemed to represent action, fire, and energy. The red could move, pull, or carry. The blue could caress, weave, and connect. I had the impression I could draw his essence this way — with these two colors both held side by side in one hand drawing the same strokes.

I asked if there was an animal totem that Buck could show me — and I saw a tiger’s paw — not the whole tiger but just the paw. This puzzled me for some time. My awareness was drawn to the mix of the extremely beautiful and soft hairs, surrounding the strong claws, the mix of tender and powerful, soft and sharp. At the end of the meditation — the word came to me what the definition was… it was the word Discernment.

The stones came to represent qualities of Buck’s human family. The circle Callanish was the feminine representation of Nicole, and the single stone — represented the masculine representation of John.

As I worked on the single stone’s designs — I realized that the lines of Buck’s portrait were very Celtic in design — with overlapping swirls just like the designs on this stone! I had created this not even thinking consciously of a Celtic theme.


  1. Hello, Kim,
    This is such a powerful image and story for me. As you know, I continue to be called to learn more about accessing my Celtic heritage on both sides of my family and have known how much it is intertwined, lierally, and in the representation of the Celtic designs with my love of and inner knowings with horses. You will also recall the “Celtic Knots” sensed recently with our Reiki experiences and my desire to learn the Celtic Reiki techniques.

    I have a meditation stone under the cedar trees where I sit and share territory with my herd. Tomorrow I will take this image and your words with me, trusting that it will be a gateway to an important lesson…thank you for trusting that your intution to share this would have special meaning for someone. I am certain that others will find their own story here, but for me, it is a very intimate piece that is ready to be healed. Thank you so very much for sharing what you are guided to do/be/feel in such a generous and comforting way. Your support is a balm.
    Love, Connie

  2. PS The picture of you with Mystico is one of my favorites! He looks like the very sweet boy that he is! I feel warm looking at the two of you togeher and so happy that he is in your pocket!

  3. Hi Kim,
    You may remember me emailing you some months ago…I took one of your Way of the Horse Journals to Apache Springs ranch when I went in December.
    I have been on a journey into shamanism since coming back. Today I saw the image and read the poem. I went out inot my hut where I pray and journey and drum…I picked a sacred path card and it spoke about ancestors and then tonight I watched a video of some beautiful ancient oak trees being felled to make way for a road…and two wild horses defying the army of police and contractors, chain saws and camera crews….desperately trying to reach the oak that had been felled. The narrator said something about our ancestors understanding about trees having spirits.
    I have deep celtic roots and have visited the western isles often. Now it seems I am being drawn deeper into my heritage and a connection being made between trees and horses and the land.
    Thankyou, your art is priceless

  4. Survivor. Warrior. Ancient ancestral wisdom. Whispers. Yes, I can relate. I know of what you write, for it has been with me all my life.

    I’m just not certain I’ve gotten it right.

  5. Kim ~ ~ ~
    As you know, in my practice of psychotherapy , I work with many women
    who are “survivors”. Their wounds are deep and their hearts have been broken. These women have begun to heal from many modes of therapy….but particularly through their intense connection with my treasured horses..Yonaa, Tommy and now angel, Sierra. These equine warriors indeed have “Ancestral Wisdom”…that flows into their visions of “what is” and “what has been”. They see within the soul of anyone who is willing to be open to their powerful wisdom……….particulary the wounded….and they help heal what has been broken.
    Love, Rita

  6. Hi Kim: Here is what comes to me about this painting. I saw the red and blue and immediately went to the horse of america, the mustang. Also the last couplet feels to me like a tribute to the massacre of native american ponies on this land as well as the massacre of military horses in battle or otherwise. Of course, the massacre of wild horses and burros as well.

    The mystery to me is that the Celtic energies of horse are supporting the North American horse from across the “still pool”

    Thanks for the imagery!
    Kate in TX

  7. Hi Kim:

    What a beautiful poem and painting! I have a Celtic heritage, so both the poem and painting spoke to me. I feel the words of the poem are spoken by the horses and by us simultaneously with no time restrictions. The words flow both ways. We speak to each other in the same language. We have to honour our ‘silent pact’ and continue to work together to help heal the world. Each time I read the poem, more thoughts and feelings come to mind, but it is difficult to put into words.
    Thank you for sharing your many gifts,

  8. Thank you all for these amazing insights! I am so moved that this painting and the poem have sparked such fascinating dialogue. It is thrilling for me to receive your confirmation that this creation had meaning for you. One of the reasons I created my blog was to connect with my viewers and readers because so often with the wonder of the internet – the experience is felt by the receiver but I don’t always know the impact a painting or poem has unless someone takes the time to write to me. In addition – I know my fans are like minded and would be able to connect with each other across this amazing web…so thank you for participating in my blog!

  9. My dearest Kim, my heart a d my prayers go out to you and your Rod!! You and your exquisite art has guided me thru tough times since 1996..
    When I first read about you and your soul touching paintings! I was returning from visiting my Mom in Jacksonville, FL!!
    I ordered your beautiful work named..
    Longing!! The blond girl in your painting was a twin of my daughter, Beth!! In 2003, I proudly shared your Longing work at my daughter, Beth’s memorial service!! When I first saw the copy of “that” painting in 1996…I knew that I would share it at Beth’s death with my family and friend’s!
    You have lived in my heart and in my soul since 1996!!
    Now, it is my turn to share my heart and my soul with you and your wonderful husband!!
    My thoughts and my prayers Wil be with you all day and night forever!!
    I send my prayers for God’s healing arms to gently heal Rod! Your love for him and your beautiful spirit and knowledge of life will always be his guiding light!!
    Blessings of love and life to each of you!!
    Sandy Fayed


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