Kim McElroy

“Hold the Sky”

She wasn't interested as much in a likeness, or to commemorate Fine Time's success as a cutting horse, but rather to create a work of art that could portray the elusive and magical moment Eleanor had experienced while being with Fine Time in her pasture. She described a feeling of oneness she had felt with Fine Time and with nature, and how in that moment time itself seemed to stand still, and her ...[Read More]

“As One” – Seeking Kinship with Horses

One of the earliest religious disappointments in a young girl’s life devolves upon her unanswered prayer for a horse.  ~  Phyllis Theroux Childhood Inspirations My artwork is an essential method of exploration into why I am drawn to horses. As a child, I wanted to be a horse, so my solitary hours were spent galloping on my hands and knees. Our floorboards strummed with the thumping of my ...[Read More]

Distant Memories

“Ancient Ones, I remember you You existed before time. You danced in the in-between. Wind was your element. Earth your form. Water your soul. Fire your nature. I offer tribute by writing words you cannot speak And painting that which you truly are So others will remember…” ~ Kim McElroy Origins of Inspiration This painting was created in 2004 from some sketches I had created many years ...[Read More]

The Creation of “Somewhere Within”

“Somewhere within There is a place Where you and I meet Heart to heart Soul to soul Mind to mind Those elusive moments Can pass by in a flash And last an eternity” ~ Kim McElroy Meeting Stas… Pat contacted me in 2016 about her interest in having me create a portrait of her Iberian Warmblood gelding, Stas. She said she had first seen my artwork in 2000 when she came across a collection of my note c ...[Read More]

“Integrity” – A Portrait of Vixen

A beautiful chestnut mare stands boldly in the foreground before a cliff from which descends a waterfall lit by the setting sun. Called Horsetail Falls, this phenomenon happens only two weeks out of the year in Yosemite National Park I have always found the essence of horses to be reflected by the beauty of Nature… She is quiet, clear, intention She can be calm, yet fiery She can be graceful and explosive In her delicacy, she is strong In her complexity, she is honest She connects on her own terms My wish is to be worthy of her ~ Kim McElroy When I was commissioned by Suzanne to paint her horse Vixen – a rescued elder ma ...[Read More]

The Quest for Healing

Nicole asked me to create a Soul essence painting for her horse Okie who worked with her in her equine assisted learning work with people. Since she had rescued him he had struggled with digestive health issues and colic. Her quest to help him heal was a big part of her life with him.  Little did we know that his message would be leading us to Shangri La. I entered into a shamanic journey with Oki ...[Read More]

Dreams and Night Mares

“…the mares galloped across the white mist that lay like fresh snow, up and into the sky. Their hoof prints and their echoing whinnies blazed a pathway to the stars” ~ Dawn Van Zant Sometimes Night Mares can be Beneficial In November 1997 the owner of a Canadian company called Wild Heart Ranch contacted me. Dawn Van Zant asked me if I was interested in doing a project illustratin ...[Read More]

One with the Wind ~ The Spirit of Casanova

  Feel the wind It blows through you and around you It is my spirit embracing you Hear the wind In the chimes that ring out in the breeze It is my spirit reminding you One with the wind I am forever free running through meadows of memories It is my spirit within you ~ Kim McElroy Casanova was a beautiful paint gelding who became an angel too soon. When his owner Alicia contacted me she shared ...[Read More]

More Horses to Heal Part 1 ~ June 2000, Laddie’s Lesson of Love

The journey with rescuing horses began when I met with my thoroughbred mare Darma at Churchill Downs Racetrack in 1995. (see Darma’s Diary series). She led us to find our beautiful SkyeLandeSea Farm in 2000. We moved there with Darma and her goat friend Tess, our aging Finnish Spitz dog Poika, and Casey, the feral kitten we found on the farm. We didn’t foresee having a farm of rescued animals. We ...[Read More]

Mystico Part 9, 2003 – 2007 ~ The Journey Towards Wholeness

Read Part 8 of Mystico’s Story here   That first year the biggest challenge with Mystico was asking him to pick up his rear feet. He would avoid any handling of his legs and and feet no matter how gently I approached him, and he would dance around and try to get away or he would kick if he felt restrained. I despaired how were ever going to be able to trim his hooves. The traditional fa ...[Read More]