Kim McElroy


Luminous Hello ~ A few weeks ago I was traveling with my friends Connie Funk (author of Beauty from Brokenness and Holy as Thou)  Sandra Wallin (Equine Guided Development),  Mark Mottershead (founder  (and Stormy May (Film Producer)  on a tour of Canada and Western Washington showing screenings of Stormy’s documentary “The Path of the Horse”.  It was a powerful experience to be present ...[Read More]

The Blessing

The Blessing Hello ~ This weeks inspiration is a new Soul Essence painting.  This is one of my favorite pieces and I believe it speaks to the magic that horses offer us.  I would love to hear some of your own experiences of horses and nature… “The Blessing” Come, drink from river of Universal Knowledge. With eyes unclouded ~ you will see that spirits are not merely of the air, they are woven into the fibers of ...[Read More]

The Legend

The Legend Hello ~ This week’s inspiration flowed out of me late one night as I pondered our connection to our beloved horses who have passed on, and to the horse spirits who call to our souls.  The mystery of  our connection with horses is elusive as it is tangible. Much like the process of writing or art.  Creativity is unformed until we express it, and then the expression just takes us deeper into the mys ...[Read More]

Brother Earth, Sister Sea

Brother Earth, Sister Sea Hello ~ This weeks inspiration is inspired by my connection with my wonderful designer and friend Davina, who’s beautiful design work makes the imagery of my art and the poetry of my very magical.  Davina is here with me this week helping me with the events and shows during the Path of the Horse documentary film screenings and trade shows.  This is a rare treat because though we’ve wor ...[Read More]

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams Hello ~ ”Sweet Dreams” is a portrait I created for my client Jen from a childhood photograph depicting her with her childhood pony.  The photograph was so filled with love and innocence and peace, that I could feel it rippling through time to touch my heart even 50 years later.  Yet her story was also filled with sadness.  Their time together was too brief because Jen’s parents sold her pony.   De ...[Read More]

Ancestral Wisdom

Ancestral Wisdom Hello ~ I wrote this poem with no forethought, and no knowing of where it was coming from. Often I wonder if my writings might be too esoteric for the reader, but in this case I have decided to follow my intuition and publish this poem, trusting that it is speaking to someone who will read it. If that someone does read it, please let me know what it means to you… Across the stones of time I speak ...[Read More]


Awareness Inspiration This week’s painting, “Awareness”, has always been an evocative piece for me. There is a phrase that refers to the expression horses have called “The Look of Eagles” – and is often referred to as when a horse gazes into the distance with an air of knowingness. All their senses are tuned on some distant cause, perhaps a sound, since sight isn’t their strong ...[Read More]


Avenger Hi, I am sharing this with you today because “Avenger” is one of my favorite paintings and a horse that is very close to my heart. I never tire of looking at him and it still amazes me that I created this beautiful painting of him.  When I look at it I remember the moment I first met him in 1989.  That was the beginning of a long 20 year long distance love affair with him which I share ...[Read More]

Night Run

“Night Run” Nine horses running in the crest, two appearing in the mist” Hello – and welcome to the first entry to my blog.  I am so excited to share my art in this manner that allows me to hear from people who view and read my e-Inspirations! My art has always been about connecting and communicating with others who feel as I do about horses and life.  In this painting, the spirits of horses combine with the waves as a tangible reminder of the energetic power and ...[Read More]