Hi, I am sharing this with you today because “Avenger” is one of my favorite paintings and a horse that is very close to my heart. I never tire of looking at him and it still amazes me that I created this beautiful painting of him.  When I look at it I remember the moment I first met him in 1989.  That was the beginning of a long 20 year long distance love affair with him which I share a little more about below in the “Insights” section.  Avenger is a universal truth and he is a spark that I hope will ignite you all.  I look forward to reading your comments and hearing how he touches your heart!
~ Kim



My strength is tempered by kindness
and honed by experience
A spiritual fire that flows through me
like a river of energy
Igniting the embers of souls
who are willing to rise to my challenge.
Through the fires of life one gains
the truth that comes from courage
the honor that comes from self sacrifice
and the joy that comes from forgiveness
In passing through these initiations
the light that is your true self
will show the way for others
~ Kim McElroy
"Avenger" by Kim McElroy

"Avenger" by Kim McElroy

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Avenger Insights

The first time I encountered Avenger, he took my breath away.  Being in his presence was as powerful and magical an experience as author Walter Farley’s boy felt when he tamed the Black Stallion.   I had never been near a stallion, much less a vital Arabian stallion.  Yet what struck me immediately about him was how his fire was balanced by his kindness.  He could be tossing his head and snorting one moment, and in the next become as still as a zen monk while gently licking my hand.
His presence imbued my art like no horse ever had before.  I think this is because he knew I perceived his energy and admired his beauty, and so he gave me the gift of communicating that to others.
Throughout the 20 years I knew him, I witnessed him in many different situations, usually when he was able to express his powerful free spirit, but a few times I was with him when his freedom was compromised.  He taught me how one can be honest to oneself and hold onto the truth of one’s being even in the midst of apparent powerlessness. Avenger retained his free spirit and kind heart despite life’s obstacles.  He was a warrior of truth and a powerful guide, and I was so blessed to have known him.
The paintings he inspired have touched the hearts of countless people the world over, and have brought many wonderful people into my life.  Thank you, Avenger.


  1. Hello, Kim!
    I see that you and Davina have been busy creating more incredible ways for all of us to connect via our love for horses and all of creation. Many thanks for this for the wonderful beauty and insights and also for the oppotunity to help me to learn to navigate the electronic waters…maybe I just need to swim with/ride my Seahorse!

    Avenger and Ritzy are exactly who I need to meditate with today–thank you for always knowing!

    I love you,

  2. Dear Kim,
    I am uplifted by getting a chance to visualize Avenger. From your painting he came to life again. Kim I truly feel I have know him in the same way you have and now a little piece of him is in my heart. I needed this because my heart was looking for a little bit of nourishment and healing today. The synchronicity cannot be denied that flows through your paint brushes. I can feel how I would be able to see myself in his mirrored coat. Thank you, Carolyn

  3. OH KIM!!! Hooray, Hooray, Hooray! You’ve joined the blogging community, and so I am now even more connected and closer to you! (already receive your newsletters and e-inspiration, of course!). I am so happy! Your work, and your words, truly are healing and soothing to weary souls, and now I can access them (and you) whenever I need them (often – very often!) rather than waiting for them to come to me! I am going to link you on my blog immediately, hope you don’t mind? What a wonderful way to stay connected to you and yours. PJ and I have missed you, all, so much! Thanks for all you do, for oh so many, Kim. Thanks sure isn’t adequate, but it’s from the depths of my soul and is as sincere as sincere can be.

  4. Hello, Kim,
    I am always in awe to think of a horse like Avenger and his ability to touch so many lives and bring humans together in such remarkable ways…he truly lives on in these images–what a legacy!
    Love, Connie

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