This week’s painting, “Awareness”, has always been an evocative piece for me. There is a phrase that refers to the expression horses have called “The Look of Eagles” – and is often referred to as when a horse gazes into the distance with an air of knowingness. All their senses are tuned on some distant cause, perhaps a sound, since sight isn’t their strongest sense. Yet it is through the horse’s expressions that we try to guess how they are feeling, and the amazing thing about this painting is, it allows us to see an expression which would have passed in mere seconds, and now becomes a glimpse of eternity. ~ Kim McElroy

Awareness Inspiration

Do you hear the echo of angels?
In my eyes you see spheres of ancient messages
Pools of infinity
Reflect trickles of thought.

If you but open the reservoir
The water of life would flow between us.
Carrying eddies of emotion.
Quenching the thirst for connectedness.
You float on the surface
Of the depths of the soul
If you have the courage to dive
You will find the riches you seek.
~ Kim McElroy

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Awareness Insights

To me this horse’s eye captures so many things. There is a flicker of hope and a shadow of sadness. There is a distant past and a vivid present. There is insight and awareness, and most of all, the irrevocable feeling that horses like this one have an Awareness that extends beyond mere reaction to the present moment, and into realms of memories and echoes of experiences that we cannot fathom, and which he can only convey through his expressions and his movements. We are ever drawn into the mystery, and allure of the horse.


  1. Kim,
    This is beautiful and reminded me of my interactions with Merlin when I was at Epona in December. thank you for your inspiration.
    I have sent your cards to two friends who lost their horses recently…they were both helped by them. One of them said the words were like her horse was speaking to her and gave her courage.

  2. I love this piece! It is so detailed. You feel as if you can just reach out and touch this horse. He has such a soulful look. Kim’s works are just amazing. The words also reach out to you and touch the soul. Thank you for these inspirations!
    Love and Blessings,

  3. Dear Polly and Stephanie –
    Thank you so much for your beautiful comments!
    Kim McElroy

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