Being ~ Available as a Custom Print

Let the cares of the world slip away
As you join me in a revelation of light
The storms have passed
As peace filters down to bless the land
Open your heart to receive this gift
As the breath of life flows through you
Remember the art of Being

This horse expresses the joy as simply being. Horses are so graceful. Their powerful legs carry them great distances at amazing speed, yet they appear to float effortlessly over the ground. This horse invites us to imagine what it would feel like to have such grace and power.

When I had completed the painting, I felt something was missing, then I knew… I added the misty exhalation of the breath in the morning air, and the horse came to life right before my eyes.

This painting was also an interesting lesson in perception, as each person sees things differently. In 1990 when I was having a lithographic print made of the original art, the printmaker created a proof of the color separations. I went to the print shop to approve it and I was shocked at how dark the reproduction was. I talked about it with him for some time trying to understand why he perceived it should look so dark. He finally said, “those shapes in the background are the dark clouds, and this is the light after the storm.” I said, “No actually the way I intended it to be viewed it is the light of a misty morning and those dark shapes are abstract trees with the sun just rising.” “Oh… he said, well that changes things…” I have learned that people often see elements in a work of art that reflect their state of mind at the time. In either case, it was important to me that the reproduction be as close as possible to the original, and let the viewer decide.

One of my favorite horse authors conveys this so beautifully:

“Movement is the primeval element of his being,joyous movement in the wide spaciousness of freedom.”
~ Hans-Heinrich Isenbart


  1. Thank you so much, Kim, for responding so quickly and for this piece that you wrote. I dreamt years before I saw your print of “Being” … of me riding on a white horse through an opened field exactly like this one. I had the dream many times and I often referred to it as, just being, like the spirit side of me that wanted to feel free like the horse in your painting. So, when I saw your painting, “Being” I named it in my mind before I seemed the title, that’s when I knew I had to have it. I felt like you painted my spirit on canvas. I love the print, with the dark background, it represented my life pretty accurately at the time. It was perfect…for me. Thank you for painting this beautiful picture. BJay

  2. Your horses are so beautiful they make me cry for a world so opposite to the supreme horse Spirit you so truly represent in each heavenly being you paint.

  3. I have one of your original signed lithographs (#34/500) and my background is much darker without so much pink…..more beautiful in my opinion and I love it to this day!

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