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A Wave of Inspiration ~ Horses in the Elements Series Part 2

In my Horses in the Elements Series, I looked for waves that I could see horses in.  Sometimes this happened in the unlikeliest places.  I saw the photo for “Daybreak” on a Sierra Club card pinned to the office wall of our family friend who was a windsurfer. When I told him I saw horses in the waves, he blithely said, “Oh yeah, surfers call that type of wave “mares heads”.  He didn’t realize how p ...[Read More]

A Wave of Inspiration ~ Horses in the Elements Series Part 1

When I was first inspired to combine horses and the sea I had no knowledge that they were steeped in archetype and myth.  Like most of my artwork, the idea came through the process of inspiration and intuition.  Only later did I realize that I had tapped into a very ancient concept. A Wave of Inspiration ~ Part 1 Since ancient days sailors and philosophers, artists and writers have compared the qu ...[Read More]

Daybreak ~ Hearken to your Nature

The sea whispers the inhale and exhale of life We are of salt and foam, wind and current, And we carry messages of wisdom from afar. For a moment, imagine you are standing at a cliff at dawn, beholding mercurial waves breaking on some distant shore. The horses tumble and race in the surf, only to rise again in each succeeding wave. The world is a vast place of ancient knowing, and we are its stude ...[Read More]

Living Art Part 3 ~ Sentience in Horses – Horses viewing their own portraits

IMG_0839 In part 2 of “Sentience of Horses” I shared the story of how magical it is to show my art to horses, especially if it is their own portrait.  This series of photos was taken by my client Pat when I suggested that she show a print of her portrait to her horse Skippy.  She said : Dear Kim ~ I showed Skippy his portrait today.  At first he was wary – then drawn to it – then he really look ...[Read More]

Such is The Real Nature of Horses

Amoretto 2 To you I may seem domesticated But actually it’s more complicated Despite what you believe you know about me I am more than you think you see  I am a complex being both intelligent and wise I just happen to have a body that completes my disguise You assume that my brain is a certain way Forgetting that other communications come into play Words are your way of perceiving your perception Determining ...[Read More]

Freefall ~ Releasing Fear

Freefall When I first began to write the story about the creation of Freefall. I hesitated for the reasons you will read. However as usually happens when I pose a question to the Universe, the answer of “can I” was answered with a “yes” in the form of a sudden contact by a friend. I received a package from a friend named Colleen Clement, whom I had not heard from in several years. I had met Colleen at my e ...[Read More]

Avenger Is… Was… and Ever Shall Be…

"Avenger" Pastel 1988 On January 3rd, 2008, the Arabian stallion Destiny’s Avenger, the first horse I ever fell in love with, was released from his physical body and this earthly realm to rejoin the other great horse spirits on the other side. His presence graced my art in thirteen creations inspired by his beauty and spirit, and his famous portrait, “Avenger”, has touched countless people through my art. His portrait ...[Read More]

Living Art ~ Part 2 Sentience in Horses

Flutterby gazes at his own Soul Essence portrait by Kim McElroy I have discovered over the years that horses respond to photographs, and not only do they focus their attention on pictures, but they respond even more to art, especially their own portrait.  This is one of the most profound ways I began to realize sentience in horses. Once when I was talking with an animal communicator by phone, she was interpreting a communication from my mare Meadow. The commun ...[Read More]

Living Art ~ Part 1

Drawing my mare, Darma If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. ~ Wayne Dyer In the Harry Potter movies, the characters in paintings move and have a life independent of the viewer. Sometimes they are frozen, painted as the artist must have posed them. Other times they are moving, talking with the viewer or each other, or absent and elsewhere, going to some other painting in another house ...[Read More]

To Ignite the Imagination

Bonfire   “He is pure air and fire; and the dull elements of earth and water never appear in him” – Shakespeare Awesome, beautiful, frightening, essential… these words describe a few of the qualities of fire, one of the most powerful of elements. So many varied emotions revolve around fire. It can be either beneficial or destructive depending upon one’s viewpoint and lif ...[Read More]