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Spirits of Horses Rising Above Tragedy

Spirits of Horses Rising Above Tragedy

“Drinkers of the Wind” Seven horses soar above the sands "Oh to be a witness of such ancient mysteries as earth and sky and to behold the spirits soaring there...All around us, elements appear in forms that speak to our soulsWe have only to open our eyes to perceive their miraclesWe have only to open our ears to hear their wisdomEach moment is an invitation to remember our connectionAn ...[Read More]

Finding our Way Back to Childhood Wonder

Finding our Way Back to Childhood Wonder - Sweet Dreams artwork by Kim McElroy, Spirit of Horse Gallery, Kingston, WA I have been here, waiting between your breaths for the longest time. Knowing that someday you would remember. Remember Me. Remember Us. I am in your heart whether you knew me or not. Whether you had a pony, or only dreamt of one. We are both real, just the same. Somewhere along the way, you forgot the wonder. You remembered the love, but the love became inextricably woven with loss. Your heart was ...[Read More]

The Creation of “Portal of Grace”

The Process Unveiled Welcome to my new The Process Unveiled Blog sharings.  In these I will feature the process of creating my art, the inspirations, trepidations, and illuminations that lead to a creation. Visitors to my studio can sometimes get a rare glimpse of a work in progress.  This is the first time I have shown a work in progress online. Previously I thought that it would take the mystery ...[Read More]

The Creation of Earth Dance

As we went along in the vision, I heard an eagle cry overhead, and I looked up, and spinning down towards me, floated a feather. It was a gift from the eagle. I suddenly knew and saw in my mind’s eye what to paint for Cutter. It was a medicine wheel.

A Tour of Kim McElroy’s Spirit of Horse Gallery

To visit Spirit of Horse Gallery at SkyeLandeSea Farm is to immerse yourself in artful magic. It is a result not only of planning but also of minds open to serendipitous revelations. ~ Sallie Wagner Brown Read Sallie’s article for WestSound Blog about my studio Visit SkyeLandeSea Farm Welcome to a virtual tour of my Spirit of Horse Gallery in our beautiful new home. Most of these special ite ...[Read More]

The Creation of Lady’s Power

Lady and Jane Lady’s Power was inspired by a mare named Lady.  Due to some extreme health issues her owner Jane had to help her cross over at the young age of only 14.  In the meditation with Lady I felt that her spirit was still strongly connected to Jane, and that they had ties to a form of knowledge that Jane was meant to continue to explore.  I felt that Lady was so close ...[Read More]

“Hold the Sky”

She wasn't interested as much in a likeness, or to commemorate Fine Time's success as a cutting horse, but rather to create a work of art that could portray the elusive and magical moment Eleanor had experienced while being with Fine Time in her pasture. She described a feeling of oneness she had felt with Fine Time and with nature, and how in that moment time itself seemed to stand still, and her ...[Read More]

“As One” – Seeking Kinship with Horses

One of the earliest religious disappointments in a young girl’s life devolves upon her unanswered prayer for a horse.  ~  Phyllis Theroux Childhood Inspirations My artwork is an essential method of exploration into why I am drawn to horses. As a child, I wanted to be a horse, so my solitary hours were spent galloping on my hands and knees. Our floorboards strummed with the thumping of my ...[Read More]

The Creation of “Somewhere Within”

“Somewhere within There is a place Where you and I meet Heart to heart Soul to soul Mind to mind Those elusive moments Can pass by in a flash And last an eternity” ~ Kim McElroy Meeting Stas… Pat contacted me in 2016 about her interest in having me create a portrait of her Iberian Warmblood gelding, Stas. She said she had first seen my artwork in 2000 when she came across a collection of my note c ...[Read More]