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Awareness Inspiration This week’s painting, “Awareness”, has always been an evocative piece for me. There is a phrase that refers to the expression horses have called “The Look of Eagles” – and is often referred to as when a horse gazes into the distance with an air of knowingness. All their senses are tuned on some distant cause, perhaps a sound, since sight isn’t their strong ...[Read More]


Avenger Hi, I am sharing this with you today because “Avenger” is one of my favorite paintings and a horse that is very close to my heart. I never tire of looking at him and it still amazes me that I created this beautiful painting of him.  When I look at it I remember the moment I first met him in 1989.  That was the beginning of a long 20 year long distance love affair with him which I share ...[Read More]

Night Run

“Night Run” Nine horses running in the crest, two appearing in the mist” Hello – and welcome to the first entry to my blog.  I am so excited to share my art in this manner that allows me to hear from people who view and read my e-Inspirations! My art has always been about connecting and communicating with others who feel as I do about horses and life.  In this painting, the spirits of horses combine with the waves as a tangible reminder of the energetic power and ...[Read More]