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Pure Joy ~ The Inspiration of Horses and Healing

“Pure Joy” “I saw a child who couldn’t walk, sit on a horse, laugh and talk… I saw a child who could only crawl, mount a horse and sit up tall. I saw a child born into strife, take up and hold the reins of life. And that same child was heard to say, Thank God for showing me the way.” ~ John Anthony Davis in 1996 Professional’s Choice products commissioned me to create a wor ...[Read More]

Mystico Part 8, December 2002 ~ Truth or Dare

Read Part 7 of Mystico’s story here As Mystico settled in to his new home and his new life with us I began to realize how sensitive he was. When I gave him the freedom to be a horse with other horses for the first time in his life, for awhile he became less interested in humans, including me. Whatever his psyche had gone through in his early life and his long journey to me, it was clear he w ...[Read More]

Mystico Part 7, November 2002 ~ Liberty and Justice

Read Part 6 of Mystico’s story here In 2002 when I brought Mystico to our farm, we had been living there for a little over two years. Our animal family at that time we moved there consisted of my mare Darma (see Darma Stories 1 – 6). , her goat friend Tess, our Finnish Spitz dog Poika, and the feral kitten named Casey that we had rescued from the farm. In the two years since we had continued ...[Read More]


Let the cares of the world slip away As you join me in a revelation of light The storms have passed As peace filters down to bless the land Open your heart to receive this gift As the breath of life flows through you Inhale… Exhale… Remember the art of Being This horse expresses the joy as simply being. Horses are so graceful. Their powerful legs carry them great distances at amazing speed, yet th ...[Read More]

Mystico Part 6, November 2002 ~ Homeward Bound

Read Part 5 of Mystico’s story here When I realized that the horse transport company I had hired said there were going to be additional delays I knew I had to make other arrangements. As I remember I had given them a deposit, which I would lose if I changed my plans, but I couldn’t stand the thought of one more week for Mystico and I waiting in this interminable misery I began calling horse haulin ...[Read More]

Mystico Part 5, November 2002 ~ Into the Fire

Read Part 4 of Mystico’s story here After Cora left the house I had a chance to recover for an hour or so until the trainer Alex was due to arrive. Mystico was relaxed and as before, seemed like a different horse from the anxious pacing horse I had seen the night before. It was a beautiful sunny fall day, and I mused on the strange pattern of events that had gotten us to this junction. One would t ...[Read More]

Mystico Part 4, October 2002 ~ Out of the Frying Pan…

Read Part 3 of Mystico’s story here After Cora had told me of the incident when Mystico had attacked her I began to have misgivings about him staying at her home. I had thought when I decided to trailer him from the show and I needed a boarding situation for him that Mystico would be better off in a home environment than in an anonymous horse stable handled by strangers. But I hadn’t been ab ...[Read More]

Mystico Part 3, October 2002 ~ Quicksand

Read Part 2 of Mystico’s Story here I saw Mystico off to my friend Cora’s home in Tennessee, and I flew home to Washington State. I called and checked in with Cora every couple of days and she said he was settling in just fine, he was being a good horse, and all was well at her barn with her other horses. All seemed to be going fine, except that the horse hauling company I had hired now said it wa ...[Read More]

A Father’s Day Tribute to my Dad ~ The Flight of the Pheasant

“A child looks up at the stars and wonders. Great fathers put a child on his shoulders and helps them to grab a star.” – Reed Markham Dear Dad, Thank you for helping me to discover who I was in so many ways. Thank you for patiently showing me the ways around challenges, and for taking the brunt of my moods when my expectations surpassed my abilities. You taught me to keep a light ...[Read More]

Mystico Part 2, September 2002 ~ This is Just the Beginning

  Read Part 1 of Mystico’s Story here Once I had decided to purchase Mystico, I was anxious that it all happen quickly as I wasn’t able to ascertain the mood of his owner. She finally returned to my booth and I told her I had decided to purchase him. She nodded perfunctorily, and suggested we go to the auctioneer to make payment arrangements. As we walked to the auction office I was in ...[Read More]