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Inspirations and Insights from Kim McElroy.

A Horse Perspective

if-wishes-were-horses-blog When I was a child I longed to have a horse. I didn’t know why this unexplained desire awakened in me, I only knew that it was important. When I couldn’t have a real horse I started drawing them. Fortunately this led to my dream career as a horse artist. My painting, “If Wishes Were Horses” illustrates the fascination that many of us feel for horses. Having a horse is, in a sense, learning how to ...[Read More]

The Gift

The Gift “A thing of beauty is a joy forever Its loveliness increases; it will never Pass into nothingness; but still will keep A bower quiet for us, and a sleep Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.” ~ John Keats I met Sally Rogers at the Arabian Nationals in Albuquerque where I was exhibiting my artwork.  She was very appreciative of my talent, and she told me that she had a photograph o ...[Read More]

Silent Sentinels Watching Over Us

"Silent Sentinels" ~ Horses in the Elements Series Three Horses arc over the landscape   Benevolent spirits surround us As silent sentinels, they watch Holding the space for our awakening Sending a nudge when we reach a crossroads Horses help us find the trail The way back to our true selves ~ Kim McElroy I remember so vividly when I saw the cloud formation that inspired this painting.  In 1989 I was driving across the country with my mother Kay, on our way to a horse event to ...[Read More]

Saving Caesar

Caesar Pastel Horse Portrait by Kim McElroy ~  Custom Prints Available When Caesar’s owner Susan commissioned me to paint his portrait in 1992 she was living on a beautiful farm in Texas called Southerly Wind Andalusians, and her stallion Caesar was her pride and joy among the many horses she owned.  She asked me to paint Caesar just as she had photographed him, with the backdrop of beautiful Spanish moss.  She had enhanced the photo by putting vaseline on the ...[Read More]

Deeper, Stronger, and Less Afraid to Feel Grief

SkyeLandeSea 2000118 In 1995, when I fell in love with Darma, a three-year old injured racehorse from Kentucky, my lifelong dreams of having my own horse were part of what influenced me to make the choice to buy her.  In subsequent years I began to learn that there was another side to my fantasy love affair of having her as my horse.   Loving her also involved helping her heal the traumas she had experienced in her yo ...[Read More]

Inspiration for “One Being”

One-Being The creation of Skippy’s portrait was a wonderful lesson for me.  My client Pat, had a unique approach to what she wanted in her portrait of her horse Skippy. She felt that she didn’t need to have a photo-realistic portrait, but rather she wanted to capture the essence of Skippy and their relationship together. The challenge of how to depict this illusion became a journey in itself, and led ...[Read More]

“Fire Flight” ~ Mythical Fire Horse

fire-flight-WM   We are the phoenix of ancient times Sent to remind you of Nature’s Way To light inner fires with purpose Clearing the stagnant energies of the past In a joyful uprising of rebellion We embrace renewal Through the burning away of what is not needed Providing fuel for positive change ~ Kim McElroy The inspiration for this painting is one of the mysteries of my creative process.  I cannot pinp ...[Read More]

A Wave of Inspiration ~ Horses in the Elements Series Part 2

In my Horses in the Elements Series, I looked for waves that I could see horses in.  Sometimes this happened in the unlikeliest places.  I saw the photo for “Daybreak” on a Sierra Club card pinned to the office wall of our family friend who was a windsurfer. When I told him I saw horses in the waves, he blithely said, “Oh yeah, surfers call that type of wave “mares heads”.  He didn’t realize how p ...[Read More]

A Wave of Inspiration ~ Horses in the Elements Series Part 1

When I was first inspired to combine horses and the sea I had no knowledge that they were steeped in archetype and myth.  Like most of my artwork, the idea came through the process of inspiration and intuition.  Only later did I realize that I had tapped into a very ancient concept. A Wave of Inspiration ~ Part 1 Since ancient days sailors and philosophers, artists and writers have compared the qu ...[Read More]

Daybreak ~ Hearken to your Nature

The sea whispers the inhale and exhale of life We are of salt and foam, wind and current, And we carry messages of wisdom from afar. For a moment, imagine you are standing at a cliff at dawn, beholding mercurial waves breaking on some distant shore. The horses tumble and race in the surf, only to rise again in each succeeding wave. The world is a vast place of ancient knowing, and we are its stude ...[Read More]