Brother Earth, Sister Sea ~ Intuition and Interconnectedness

"Brother Earth, Sister Sea" is available as Prints and Posters at

“Brother Earth, Sister Sea” is available as Prints and Posters at

Enter with me into a realm of Insight
Remember what it is like
To flow together in the collective unconscious
In the sea of knowing where all things are possible
And where we are all One
 Extend your gaze to the far horizons of possibility
Where thought becomes form
Where molecules and atoms and intentions are within your grasp
And all that is of the Highest Good
Is manifested together in the dance of co-creation


Insights are always there just below the surface of our consciousness.  They may appear in the form of thoughts that surface unexpectedly, like finding a message in a bottle.  All we have to do is open the cork.  The meaning is ours alone to decipher, but the clues can inform us about who we are, and where we want to go.

Like all animals, dolphins and horses are a creature of intuition and interconnectedness, they swim in a sea of consciousness that surrounds them and informs them of their place in the world, and helps them choose where to go.  They read messages in energetic and emotional ripples, and they flow into choices with the wisdom available to them from a vast storehouse of experience, instinct, and inner knowing.

We can embody this awareness, and learn from their wisdom.  At some level, we remember once being like they were.  If we dive into the fertile sea of our minds, and expand into the vast sky of our dreams, we may discover messages we wrote to ourselves long ago.

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  1. This image is profound and touches my heart and soul deeply… so beautiful and flowing thank you Kim

  2. Hi Kim – Love your Blog, especially this particular post! It is an inspiration to creative of all stripes. I will be sharing the links to your posts on my FB pages – and of course, enjoying them to the fullest when I receive your notifications. Warm wishes always, Carol

  3. Kim, I have this picture and love it and I just realized that the dolphin tail is flowing from the horses mane. I love all of your work!!

  4. WOW just beautiful Kim, on so many levels. Thank You

  5. Kim’s art never fails to move me. It takes me into paths of thought and consciousness that help me focus on the equine sacredness, the very root of our journeys with our horses. While we can each relate to it differently, it’s the beauty of the common denominator derived from love that expands our appreciation for having horses in our lives. Thank-you Kim.

  6. Re: At some level, we remember once being like they were – Yes, we recognize that we are all sentient beings and kin. What is most incredible is that it takes a piece of art to remind of this fact, to wake us up from the programming we have been, and are, constantly subjected to. And what a gift to open one’s eyes to the incredible beauty of creation (rather than annihilation). Yes, I agree, Jennifer, Kim’s art never fails to move, which is a remarkable achievement, given the power and control of the media.

  7. I just love your paintings. They are something very special and they touch me in a way I can`t explain. I will cry!

  8. Did you ever read the Tao of Equus? I read it long ago and it taught us what an honor, a rare privilege, it is to earn the trust of our equine companions. Over the years we responded by eliminating bits in our gear, only use hackamores; stopping shoeing, tending their natural hooves; even giving them free rein over 20 acres without fencing, only using a single line of white tape to show them their boundaries. When we ride out mountainous terrain they are equal partners allowed a free head to lead us on adventures.

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