Artistic Visions

Pure Joy ~ The Inspiration of Horses and Healing

“Pure Joy” “I saw a child who couldn’t walk, sit on a horse, laugh and talk… I saw a child who could only crawl, mount a horse and sit up tall. I saw a child born into strife, take up and hold the reins of life. And that same child was heard to say, Thank God for showing me the way.” ~ John Anthony Davis in 1996 Professional’s Choice products commissioned me to create a wor ...[Read More]


Let the cares of the world slip away As you join me in a revelation of light The storms have passed As peace filters down to bless the land Open your heart to receive this gift As the breath of life flows through you Inhale… Exhale… Remember the art of Being This horse expresses the joy as simply being. Horses are so graceful. Their powerful legs carry them great distances at amazing speed, yet th ...[Read More]

Artistic Inspirations ~ The Heralding

The idea for “The Heralding” came to me in a complete vision, which is rare.  Usually my ideas evolve or are inspired by seeing images that inspire me to use them in a composition.  But this time I saw the vision clearly so I drew a rough sketch of the idea and kept it while I looked for photo references.  Years later, in my travels, I met a woman who shared a photograph of her mare an ...[Read More]

Artistic Visions ~ The Vision for Midnight Mystique

“Mystique” I will rise from the fires of adversity Alight with inspiration and purpose The light of my intuition Dispels the darkness of doubt With a courageous heart I move forward and trust That love conquers all ~ Kim McElroy Midnight Mystique was a black arabian colt born to author Linda Kohanov’s mare, Comet.  He was only on this earth for a few brief days, and he crossed ov ...[Read More]

The Inspiration of Promise

In the miracle of birthHe unfolded from the mareCompact as a wet butterfly emerging from its cocoon.His first instinctive thought – to stand! ~ Kim McElroy Witnessing the Birth of a Foal At 11 pm one night in the Spring of 1988, my friend Saradel called. I had been expecting her call, and now she was breathless on the phone as she said quickly, “If you want to watch, she just laid down. You ...[Read More]