Inspirations of Being


Let the cares of the world slip away As you join me in a revelation of light The storms have passed As peace filters down to bless the land Open your heart to receive this gift As the breath of life flows through you Inhale… Exhale… Remember the art of Being This horse expresses the joy as simply being. Horses are so graceful. Their powerful legs carry them great distances at amazing speed, yet th ...[Read More]

Being in the Moment

“Shadow Dancer” 19” x 25” Pastel We are always seeking to capture the elusive element of time. When we experience something wonderful, we usually want to take a photograph, hoping to freeze the moment in order to relive it again. Yet by the very act of trying to capture an experience, we often make it more elusive. For the moments themselves will never exist again. And the process of trying to capture them may distract us from ac ...[Read More]

Silent Sentinels Watching Over Us

"Silent Sentinels" ~ Horses in the Elements Series Three Horses arc over the landscape   Benevolent spirits surround us As silent sentinels, they watch Holding the space for our awakening Sending a nudge when we reach a crossroads Horses help us find the trail The way back to our true selves ~ Kim McElroy I remember so vividly when I saw the cloud formation that inspired this painting.  In 1989 I was driving across the country with my mother Kay, on our way to a horse event to ...[Read More]

Back to Life – Carousel Dreams

    “Back to Life” I am the beautiful and strong steed that you once rode  I carried you away to grand adventures and back again  Time may have dulled my colors somewhat  The fine jewels of my adornments may have become chipped or lost  But when you recall how it felt to ride me,   I will remember how it was to carry you  Our hearts will remember the wind rushing by  The lights, t ...[Read More]

Brother Earth, Sister Sea ~ Intuition and Interconnectedness

"Brother Earth, Sister Sea" is available as Prints and Posters at Enter with me into a realm of Insight Remember what it is like To flow together in the collective unconscious In the sea of knowing where all things are possible And where we are all One  Extend your gaze to the far horizons of possibility Where thought becomes form Where molecules and atoms and intentions are within your grasp And all that is of the Highest Good Is manifested together in the danc ...[Read More]

Field of Dreams ~ An Invitation to a New Way of Being

Way of the Horse facebook page  On my Facebook page I discuss how to use the “Way of the Horse – Equine Archetypes for Self Discovery” Book and Card set which I co-created with author Linda Kohanov I invited readers to ask a question I could pose to the Cards as a sample reading. Below I will be sharing a question and an excerpt from the book, as well as my own interpretation: Jay ...[Read More]

Longing and Fulfillment ~ The EquiSelf Series

"We Are" Prints available at One of the earliest religious disappointments in a young girl’s life devolves upon her unanswered prayer for a horse.  ~  Phyllis Theroux   I became enamored of horses at a very early age.  I played horse, collected model horses, and read horse stories.  I don’t know why I dreamt of horses.  I probably had never seen one up close. Even my crayon scribbles were of horses. I began exploring art ...[Read More]

Raindance ~ Life’s Puddles

"Raindance" Pastel by Kim McElroy “Remember when clouds were faraway lands and rain puddles were magic pools When mossy glens held fairy sprites And life was play without rules?” In the day to day living of what we call adulthood, it is easy to forget the magic in the world around us.  Waking up in the morning can feel like a chore of just getting through one more day.  Life circumstances seem like burdens rather than ...[Read More]

“In Rhythm” ~ E-Inspiration

"In Rhythm" “The horses drift through a deep sea of grass windblown like waves from which . . orcas surface and spout into air pressed by . . . wings of cranes each life in rhythm for one moment in time.” ~ Kim McElroy “In Rhythm” individual and set available as posters and prints at 25% discount until August 2nd, 2010 – use discount code: Rhythm I was bless ...[Read More]