Inspirations of Spirit

One with the Wind ~ The Spirit of Casanova

  Feel the wind It blows through you and around you It is my spirit embracing you Hear the wind In the chimes that ring out in the breeze It is my spirit reminding you One with the wind I am forever free running through meadows of memories It is my spirit within you ~ Kim McElroy Casanova was a beautiful paint gelding who became an angel too soon. When his owner Alicia contacted me she shared ...[Read More]

Living Art ~ Part 3 ~ Sentience in Horses – Horses viewing their own portraits

IMG_0839 Enjoy “Living Art” Part 1 here and Part 2 here In part 2 of “Sentience of Horses” I shared the story of how magical it is to show my art to horses, especially if it is their own portrait.  This series of photos was taken by my client Pat when I suggested that she show a print of her portrait to her horse Skippy.  She said : Dear Kim ~ I showed Skippy his portrait today.  At ...[Read More]

Living Art ~ Part 2 Sentience in Horses

Flutterby gazes at his own Soul Essence portrait by Kim McElroy Read “Living Art” Part 1 here I have discovered over the years that horses respond to photographs, and not only do they focus their attention on pictures, but they respond even more to art, especially their own portrait.  This is one of the most profound ways I began to realize sentience in horses. Once when I was talking with an animal communicator by phone, she was interpreting a com ...[Read More]

Living Art ~ Part 1

Drawing my mare, Darma If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. ~ Wayne Dyer In the Harry Potter movies, the characters in paintings move and have a life independent of the viewer. Sometimes they are frozen, painted as the artist must have posed them. Other times they are moving, talking with the viewer or each other, or absent and elsewhere, going to some other painting in another house ...[Read More]


My heart is as ancient as the sea To ride the waves you must follow me I patiently wait for you to feel The depths of wisdom which I reveal In mind and body, heart and soul We are gifted with life and thus a role In the unfolding quest of love and light Be still and trust your own insight ~ Kim McElroy This painting was commissioned by Joy Collier for the cover of a book she was writing titled “He ...[Read More]

“We Are” ~ Love of Horses E-Inspiration

Prints and Posters available at “We Are” The love of horses Begins in wonder Simmers in dreams Is realized with challenge And expands into awe” ~ Kim McElroy When I was about 11 years old I drew a picture of a horse’s face blended with a woman’s face in such a way as they shared the same eye. Even at that young age, I sought to express my feelings that women and horses were spiritually connected. In ...[Read More]

Keep your heart open ~ “Everlasting Shades of Amber”

  I challenge you to keep your heart open And know that love is eternal Release your fear and gallop with me into the unknown Life is unpredictable So keep moving forward Dance with your inner tiger in fierce and joyful play The riches of your life are in The gift of each new day And the treasure of love in your heart ~ Kim McElroy Shades left the earth to soon.  His owners knew of my art and ...[Read More]

“The Messenger”

The Messenger “The Messenger” I created the Messenger in 1995 from the inspiration of seeing a picture of a beautiful horse running on the beach.  I was inspired to paint the horse with wings.  There was something about this horse that felt very familiar, and while I was creating it, and ever since, it has remained one of my most cherished works of art.  The original hangs by my desk — framed in sil ...[Read More]

Noche – The Master of Sadness

Noche Dear One, be comforted The Great Mystery is a beginning Rather than the appearance of an ending We never stop growing… Even now, in your sadness You can open the doors to healing in your heart Then we shall enter the Mystery, together… ~ Kim McElroy Noche’s Lessons on Intuition This work of art was inspired by a horse named Noche .  Author Linda Kohanov has shared many stories of Noche in he ...[Read More]

Satin Fire

Satin Fire As you will read below I saw this painting for the first time in 21 years, a few weeks ago.  Yet only now as I sat to write for my weekly e-inspiration and blog, did I truly tune into it and then it spoke to me… and then I really felt the emotion of re~experiencing my own creation. It is so much fun for me to have my own painting speak to me in poetry.  It reminds me that everything around us is a ...[Read More]