Inspirations of Strength

Mystico Part 1 September 2002 ~ The Sound of Geese ~

When I have important decisions to make, or I am about to experience a profound change, I will often receive signs that tell me to pay attention.  Sometimes I welcome these signs, if I need encouragement and the path is one I am undertaking willingly.  Other times, if the signs tell me of a direction that I anticipate is going to be difficult, I have to trust that there is a deeper reason than I c ...[Read More]

Artistic Visions ~ The Vision for Midnight Mystique

“Mystique” I will rise from the fires of adversity Alight with inspiration and purpose The light of my intuition Dispels the darkness of doubt With a courageous heart I move forward and trust That love conquers all ~ Kim McElroy Midnight Mystique was a black arabian colt born to author Linda Kohanov’s mare, Comet.  He was only on this earth for a few brief days, and he crossed ov ...[Read More]

Saving Caesar

Caesar Pastel Horse Portrait by Kim McElroy ~  Custom Prints Available When Caesar’s owner Susan commissioned me to paint his portrait in 1992 she was living on a beautiful farm in Texas called Southerly Wind Andalusians, and her stallion Caesar was her pride and joy among the many horses she owned.  She asked me to paint Caesar just as she had photographed him, with the backdrop of beautiful Spanish moss.  She had enhanced the photo by putting vaseline on the ...[Read More]

Freefall ~ Releasing Fear

Freefall When I first began to write the story about the creation of Freefall. I hesitated for the reasons you will read. However as usually happens when I pose a question to the Universe, the answer of “can I” was answered with a “yes” in the form of a sudden contact by a friend. I received a package from a friend named Colleen Clement, whom I had not heard from in several years. I had met Colleen at my e ...[Read More]

Keep your heart open ~ “Everlasting Shades of Amber”

  I challenge you to keep your heart open And know that love is eternal Release your fear and gallop with me into the unknown Life is unpredictable So keep moving forward Dance with your inner tiger in fierce and joyful play The riches of your life are in The gift of each new day And the treasure of love in your heart ~ Kim McElroy Shades left the earth to soon.  His owners knew of my art and ...[Read More]

Path Fulfilled

The journey is sometimes arduous One step, and another, and another Crossing a wasteland where thirst and hunger and pain accompany the traveler   We ask for help, and the winged allies begin to appear, and the hoofed ones, and antlered, furred and finned, and other two-leggeds They all help to show the way, and to confirm the choices   We learn to have faith in all forms, when all the elements of ...[Read More]

Ancestral Wisdom

Ancestral Wisdom Hello ~ I wrote this poem with no forethought, and no knowing of where it was coming from. Often I wonder if my writings might be too esoteric for the reader, but in this case I have decided to follow my intuition and publish this poem, trusting that it is speaking to someone who will read it. If that someone does read it, please let me know what it means to you… Across the stones of time I speak ...[Read More]


Avenger Hi, I am sharing this with you today because “Avenger” is one of my favorite paintings and a horse that is very close to my heart. I never tire of looking at him and it still amazes me that I created this beautiful painting of him.  When I look at it I remember the moment I first met him in 1989.  That was the beginning of a long 20 year long distance love affair with him which I share ...[Read More]