Personal Journeys

Gratitude from my Heart to Yours

LeeAnn's Soul Essence Drawing Drawing from the Essence of Life… Dear Friends After I shared my recent life changing event, the outpouring of love and support from all of you has been incredibly uplifting for me.  What a symphony of well wishes and stories you have shared that makes me feel so connected with you.  Sometimes the internet communication world can be a world of passively receiving information, yet I am learni ...[Read More]

Lily’s Heart – Gratitude for Life

Lily's Heart Pastel Portrait by Kim McElroy   Hello my friends, I write to share a profound and frightening event in my life.  I suffered a heart attack on Wednesday May 30th while in California for my Father’s memorial.  I was visiting Disneyland with my husband Rod and my cousin Cheri and was standing in line for a ride when I collapsed suddenly with what they later determined was a ventricular fibrillation. Miraculously – an ...[Read More]

Unseen Realms ~ Part 1 ~ some of my first intuitive experiences with horses

Childhood Dreams I spent my childhood wanting to be a horse, and then turned to drawing them as the best way to express who I thought horses were.  I had limited contact with horses, so my imagination supplied the rest.  I imagined that horses could think and feel as I did, and the mystery of their nature was often the focus of my thoughts and my art. In 1995, when I acquired a horse of my own, th ...[Read More]