Spirit of Horse

Remembering the Childlike Wonder for the Horse

"Longing" pastel by Kim McElroy When I was a child, I wanted to be a wild horse. I galloped on my hands and knees. My hair became a long horse’s mane, my expressions conveyed my emotions. I snorted and whinnied to call my herdmates. I painted horses in a similar way. When I drew a horse, I was the horse. The horses I dreamed of and painted in my art were intelligent and sensitive emotional beings. They communicated in their own ...[Read More]

Tribute – In Honor of President Reagan and in memory of his beloved horse El Alamein

Portrait of President Reagan's Arabian Stallion El Alamein by Kim McElroy Prints and Posters available at www.spiritofhorse.com In 1981 Jose’ Lopez Portillo, the President of Mexico, presented an inauguration gift to President Ronald Reagan of an Arabian Stallion named El Alamein. Years later, a family friend sent me pictures of President Reagan’s beautiful white stallion, and I hoped to one day paint him. In the fall of 1994, I hired a public relations firm for advertising consulting. Among their credentials was the fact ...[Read More]

Back to Life – Carousel Dreams

    “Back to Life” I am the beautiful and strong steed that you once rode  I carried you away to grand adventures and back again  Time may have dulled my colors somewhat  The fine jewels of my adornments may have become chipped or lost  But when you recall how it felt to ride me,   I will remember how it was to carry you  Our hearts will remember the wind rushing by  The lights, t ...[Read More]

Brother Earth, Sister Sea ~ Intuition and Interconnectedness

"Brother Earth, Sister Sea" is available as Prints and Posters at www.spiritofhorse.com Enter with me into a realm of Insight Remember what it is like To flow together in the collective unconscious In the sea of knowing where all things are possible And where we are all One  Extend your gaze to the far horizons of possibility Where thought becomes form Where molecules and atoms and intentions are within your grasp And all that is of the Highest Good Is manifested together in the danc ...[Read More]

Longing and Fulfillment ~ The EquiSelf Series

"We Are" Prints available at www.spiritofhorse.com One of the earliest religious disappointments in a young girl’s life devolves upon her unanswered prayer for a horse.  ~  Phyllis Theroux   I became enamored of horses at a very early age.  I played horse, collected model horses, and read horse stories.  I don’t know why I dreamt of horses.  I probably had never seen one up close. Even my crayon scribbles were of horses. I began exploring art ...[Read More]

One Woman’s Kindness, A Legacy of Art and Lifelong Dreams

Alight I look back on the pieces in this story with nostalgia.  I was in my early 20’s, just a few years into my career as an equine artist.  I had never owned a horse, and the only access I had to them locally was at riding stables.  Most of the stables weren’t very inspiring however, because the horses either stood around in their stalls or small dirt paddocks, or were being worked by rider ...[Read More]

The Creation of Diva Divine

Diva-Divine-full   Melinda called my studio one day.  She said had been a long time fan of my artwork and had always wanted a print of my painting “Shadow Dancer”.  As we talked her story unfolded of her love for her mare Diva.  She shared with me that she had lost Diva only a short time before.  I felt from her words that Diva was like a part of her sense of home, and when she lost her she felt bereft of tha ...[Read More]

Gratitude from my Heart to Yours

LeeAnn's Soul Essence Drawing Drawing from the Essence of Life… Dear Friends After I shared my recent life changing event, the outpouring of love and support from all of you has been incredibly uplifting for me.  What a symphony of well wishes and stories you have shared that makes me feel so connected with you.  Sometimes the internet communication world can be a world of passively receiving information, yet I am learni ...[Read More]

Raindance ~ Life’s Puddles

"Raindance" Pastel by Kim McElroy “Remember when clouds were faraway lands and rain puddles were magic pools When mossy glens held fairy sprites And life was play without rules?” In the day to day living of what we call adulthood, it is easy to forget the magic in the world around us.  Waking up in the morning can feel like a chore of just getting through one more day.  Life circumstances seem like burdens rather than ...[Read More]

When We All Were Artists

The artists who created the ancient cave paintings didn’t have societal hang ups about whether they were “Artists” or not.  They had a powerful desire to create lasting visions of their world, and as simple as those drawings may seem, they strike a chord in us of powerful ancestral memories, more deeply meaningful than any artifact we could unearth.  They convey to us some echo of what we imagine ...[Read More]