Spirit of Horse

The Creation of “Gathering Light”

  It is amazing how time and space come together to lead me to make choices for the elements for a portrait.   Such was the case with Sportie.  Sportie is a beautiful Irish Draft and Arab gelding who became an angel a couple years ago.  His owner, Tracey lives in England.  She described him as: “Sportie was my best friend, we had over 15 years together and he always kept me smiling.  He was p ...[Read More]

From the Studio ~ The Creation of “Portal of Grace”

  Welcome to my new The Process Unveiled Blog sharings.  In these I will feature the process of creating my art, the inspirations, trepidations, and illuminations that lead to a creation. Visitors to my studio can sometimes get a rare glimpse of a work in progress.  This is the first time I have shown a work in progress online. Previously I thought that it would take the mystery away from the fina ...[Read More]

“In Rhythm” ~ E-Inspiration

"In Rhythm" “The horses drift through a deep sea of grass windblown like waves from which . . orcas surface and spout into air pressed by . . . wings of cranes each life in rhythm for one moment in time.” ~ Kim McElroy “In Rhythm” individual and set available as posters and prints at www.spiritofhorse.com 25% discount until August 2nd, 2010 – use discount code: Rhythm I was bless ...[Read More]

“The Magic of Unicorns”

Unicorn of the Sky blog “Unicorn of the Sky” “When the last moon is cast, over the last star of morning and the future is past, without even a last desperate warning… Look into the sky where through the clouds a path is formed Look and see, how she shimmers, it’s the last Unicorn.” ~ Lyrics from the song “The Last Unicorn” by Jimmy Web I have painted unicorns as long as I have painted horses. They filled my c ...[Read More]

Path Fulfilled

The journey is sometimes arduous One step, and another, and another Crossing a wasteland where thirst and hunger and pain accompany the traveler   We ask for help, and the winged allies begin to appear, and the hoofed ones, and antlered, furred and finned, and other two-leggeds They all help to show the way, and to confirm the choices   We learn to have faith in all forms, when all the elements of ...[Read More]

Satin Fire

Satin Fire As you will read below I saw this painting for the first time in 21 years, a few weeks ago.  Yet only now as I sat to write for my weekly e-inspiration and blog, did I truly tune into it and then it spoke to me… and then I really felt the emotion of re~experiencing my own creation. It is so much fun for me to have my own painting speak to me in poetry.  It reminds me that everything around us is a ...[Read More]