The Process Unveiled

To Ignite the Imagination

Bonfire “He is pure air and fire; and the dull elements of earth and water never appear in him” – Shakespeare Awesome, beautiful, frightening, essential… these words describe a few of the qualities of fire, one of the most powerful of elements. So many varied emotions revolve around fire. It can be either beneficial or destructive depending upon one’s viewpoint and life exper ...[Read More]

Windows to the Soul

Reflective e-inspiration 2   “A strange stillness dwells in the eye of the horse, a composure that appears to regard the world from a measured distance…It is a gaze from the depths of a dream.” – Hans~Heinrich Isenbart             One day a little girl came to visit my farm. She had never seen horses up close before, and couldn’t stop talking about them. “Why are their eyes like round marbles?” ...[Read More]

Spirit of the Horse ~ One Artist’s Journey of Inspiration

My favorite horse as a child at the only riding stable within a day's drive The earthly horse expresses itself in many beautiful forms, shapes, and sizes. Yet when seen through an artist’s eyes –other aspects and elements of horse spirits can be revealed.   I have loved horses from the time I could remember, and I have drawn them from the time I could hold a crayon.  I was fortunate to know from an early age that I wanted to be an artist, and thankfully unlike some artist ...[Read More]

The Creation of Diva Divine

Diva-Divine-full   Melinda called my studio one day.  She said had been a long time fan of my artwork and had always wanted a print of my painting “Shadow Dancer”.  As we talked her story unfolded of her love for her mare Diva.  She shared with me that she had lost Diva only a short time before.  I felt from her words that Diva was like a part of her sense of home, and when she lost her she felt bereft of tha ...[Read More]

The Creation of “Crossroads”

In the gauntlet of time Unforeseen allies appear Our guides and guardians Offer love ~ Conquer fear Led by wisdom from sources More ancient than we Ever standing at crossroads We cannot see We are given the freedom To make choices in trust Gaining insight through courage To move forward we must The patterns are formed Through our relations we learn That all is connected Around every turn ~ Kim McE ...[Read More]

When We All Were Artists

The artists who created the ancient cave paintings didn’t have societal hang ups about whether they were “Artists” or not.  They had a powerful desire to create lasting visions of their world, and as simple as those drawings may seem, they strike a chord in us of powerful ancestral memories, more deeply meaningful than any artifact we could unearth.  They convey to us some echo of what we imagine ...[Read More]

The Creation of “Gathering Light”

  It is amazing how time and space come together to lead me to make choices for the elements for a portrait.   Such was the case with Sportie.  Sportie is a beautiful Irish Draft and Arab gelding who became an angel a couple years ago.  His owner, Tracey lives in England.  She described him as: “Sportie was my best friend, we had over 15 years together and he always kept me smiling.  He was p ...[Read More]

From the Studio ~ The Creation of “Portal of Grace”

  Welcome to my new The Process Unveiled Blog sharings.  In these I will feature the process of creating my art, the inspirations, trepidations, and illuminations that lead to a creation. Visitors to my studio can sometimes get a rare glimpse of a work in progress.  This is the first time I have shown a work in progress online. Previously I thought that it would take the mystery away from the fina ...[Read More]