Creative Blocks

“The Quest” 15” x 23” Pastel by Kim McElroy Even though I am an accomplished artist, and I have been doing my work professionally for two decades, I still experience challenges in my art, just as in every aspect of life. When I am beginning a new work of art, sometimes I run into what seems like a roadblock in the composition. Usually, the roadblock is caused by my own state of mind, my anticipation of problem that I am afraid I won’t be ab ...[Read More]

“Phoenix Rising” ~ Mythical Fire Horse

fire-flight-WM “Phoenix Rising” We are the phoenix of ancient times Sent to remind you of Nature’s Way To light inner fires with purpose Clearing the stagnant energies of the past In a joyful uprising of rebellion We embrace renewal Through the burning away of what is not needed Providing fuel for positive change ~ Kim McElroy The inspiration for this painting is one of the mysteries of my creative p ...[Read More]

Daybreak ~ Hearken to your Nature

The sea whispers the inhale and exhale of life We are of salt and foam, wind and current, And we carry messages of wisdom from afar. For a moment, imagine you are standing at a cliff at dawn, beholding mercurial waves breaking on some distant shore. The horses tumble and race in the surf, only to rise again in each succeeding wave. The world is a vast place of ancient knowing, and we are its stude ...[Read More]

Two of a Kind ~ Self Reflection

~ Two of a Kind ~  Posters and Prints available at www.spiritofhorse.com There is more to us than meets the eye The many layers of our being are revealed when we see our own reflection The world around us offers endless opportunities With each encounter of another person or animal Each place in the outer world or at home Each moment in solitude or togetherness, We can be the witness of our inner nature When we observe our actions and thoughts from a subtle distance, We ...[Read More]

Namaste ~ How One Horse Awakened Many Voices

"Namaste" Artwork by Kim McElroy www.spiritofhorse.com Sometimes, the portrait takes on a life of its own beyond the story of the horse and their person.  The portrait becomes a work of art that means something to another, or many others.  Then the horse takes on another role, and that is to become a symbol of their kind and the lessons they have to teach us all.  Melisande or “Mel” for short, was just such a horse.  Mel was an Arabian mar ...[Read More]

Childhood, Magic, and Dreams of the Future

When I was little I drew horses on everything – usually whatever was handy which were often paper napkins in restaurants.  On one occasion, I drew a horse and gave it to a waitress I liked.  She was so delighted that she led me over to the cashier counter and gave me the biggest Snoopy cookie I had ever seen.  But it wasn’t only the cookie that thrilled me, it was the fact that she liked my drawin ...[Read More]

In Rhythm ~ Follow the Source E-Inspiration

  As the wind moves over the grasses So do we wade through time and space Ever nomads of the earth Together in our tribe of harmony Remember what it is like To follow the Source wherever it leads Trust in the bounty of sustenance And the memory of ancient paths Traveled throughout the ages ~ Kim McElroy   I was blessed to witness this beautiful image as I drove down a dirt road in Wyomin ...[Read More]

“We Are” ~ Love of Horses E-Inspiration

Prints and Posters available at www.spiritofhorse.com “We Are” The love of horses Begins in wonder Simmers in dreams Is realized with challenge And expands into awe” ~ Kim McElroy When I was about 11 years old I drew a picture of a horse’s face blended with a woman’s face in such a way as they shared the same eye. Even at that young age, I sought to express my feelings that women and horses were spiritually connected. In ...[Read More]

Unseen Realms ~ Part 1 ~ some of my first intuitive experiences with horses

Childhood Dreams I spent my childhood wanting to be a horse, and then turned to drawing them as the best way to express who I thought horses were.  I had limited contact with horses, so my imagination supplied the rest.  I imagined that horses could think and feel as I did, and the mystery of their nature was often the focus of my thoughts and my art. In 1995, when I acquired a horse of my own, th ...[Read More]