“Fantasy” ~ e-Inspiration

“Fantasy” “May the golden rays of Universal Wisdom Touch your heart And be transmuted into hues of healing.” ~ Kim McElroy “Fantasy” is one of my early works.  I was inspired to use bright colors and flowing lines in the style I call Spirit Sketches.  This dynamic horse is trotting with high steps toward a bright future.

Full Circle ~ e-Inspiration

“Full Circle” You are surrounded by the wisdom of Nature The guides of the past, present, and future Travel with you through time As they watch over you They shine their benevolent light Into your open heart Hear the rhythmic crashing of the waves Like the inhale and exhale of the Earth Gaze into the rainbow waters And find the clarity and direction Of your true self ~ Kim McElroy

Leap of Faith e-Inspiration

“Leap of Faith” As you peer into the intangible darkness of the unknown I will be there with you. The darkness will become as soft as velvet. The empty void will be filled with the warmth of our living breath. Reawaken the love buried in your crystal heart Watch it begin to glow like an iridescent sunrise As the darkness of doubt is dispelled by trust. Transformation is only possible if you shed t ...[Read More]

Keep your heart open ~ “Everlasting Shades of Amber”

  I challenge you to keep your heart open And know that love is eternal Release your fear and gallop with me into the unknown Life is unpredictable So keep moving forward Dance with your inner tiger in fierce and joyful play The riches of your life are in The gift of each new day And the treasure of love in your heart ~ Kim McElroy Shades left the earth to soon.  His owners knew of my art and ...[Read More]

“Windwalker” e-Inspiration “Heart’s Desire”

“Heart’s Desire” There was a time when you knew your own heart, and you followed it boldly into new adventure. You have never lost that connection. I have carried it for you through the storms of life. You will remember what you were looking for. It will appear in a glimmer of an inspiration, an awakening of knowing, or a ripple of excitement. Those feelings are clues to the myst ...[Read More]

Noche – The Master of Sadness

Noche Dear One, be comforted The Great Mystery is a beginning Rather than the appearance of an ending We never stop growing… Even now, in your sadness You can open the doors to healing in your heart Then we shall enter the Mystery, together… ~ Kim McElroy Noche’s Lessons on Intuition This work of art was inspired by a horse named Noche .  Author Linda Kohanov has shared many stories of Noche in he ...[Read More]


Luminous Hello ~ A few weeks ago I was traveling with my friends Connie Funk (author of Beauty from Brokenness and Holy as Thou)  Sandra Wallin (Equine Guided Development),  Mark Mottershead (founder HorseConscious.com)  (and Stormy May (Film Producer)  on a tour of Canada and Western Washington showing screenings of Stormy’s documentary “The Path of the Horse”.  It was a powerful experience to be present ...[Read More]

Brother Earth, Sister Sea

Brother Earth, Sister Sea Hello ~ This weeks inspiration is inspired by my connection with my wonderful designer and friend Davina, who’s beautiful design work makes the imagery of my art and the poetry of my writings.so very magical.  Davina is here with me this week helping me with the events and shows during the Path of the Horse documentary film screenings and trade shows.  This is a rare treat because though we’ve wor ...[Read More]