Visions and Guidance from other realms

Artistic Visions ~ The Vision for Midnight Mystique

“Mystique” I will rise from the fires of adversity Alight with inspiration and purpose The light of my intuition Dispels the darkness of doubt With a courageous heart I move forward and trust That love conquers all ~ Kim McElroy Midnight Mystique was a black arabian colt born to author Linda Kohanov’s mare, Comet.  He was only on this earth for a few brief days, and he crossed ov ...[Read More]

Visions of the Mare-Headed Goddess

This painting is Card 35 from the Way of the Horse Card deck by Linda Kohanov and Kim McElroy.  Books, prints and posters of the artwork can be found at When I began working on the concepts for a painting of the mare-headed goddess for the Way of the Horse card deck, I knew that this composition was going to be a challenge to me.  How was I to create an image of a mare’s head on a human body and make the image look possible?  How to create the mystery and presence of what it would feel like to be in the presence of such a being? For many yea ...[Read More]