Echoes – The Creation of Brother Earth, Sister Sea

“Brother Earth, Sister Sea”, 1996, 19 x 25

“At some point, the individual’s actions must become synchronized with universal forces, a synchronization that eases life’s basic loneliness. You are enmeshed in a larger purpose. You are meant to be in a certain place and fill a particular role. You are being yourself, truly and entirely for the first time.”
– Jonathan Young, PhD, The Quest Magazine

In creating some of my pieces, my goal is to depict a concept or a personal interpretation of my feelings about life. When I receive confirmation from viewers that they resonate with what I am conveying, I know that I have achieved my purpose. It is like sounding out your voice in a canyon, and waiting to hear the echo to prove that you are there. The responses I get are my echoes.

I believe an idea is best when it is shared, and a work of art is best when it is understood. When the piece is the start of a new series, it is important to me that the concept be understood, for then I have the impetus to continue in that direction. Such was the case with the Kindred Spirits Series, and Brother Earth, Sister Sea.

The inspiration for Brother Earth, Sister Sea came when I was talking with a collector on the phone who shared that her daughter’s two favorite animals were dolphins and horses. I had recently become enamored with dolphins; somehow my intuition told that these two animals seemed connected. The next morning during breakfast, the inspiration hit me. I visualized a clear picture of what later would become Brother Earth, Sister Sea. Since most of my ideas don’t come as clear pictures, I payed particular attention to this one.

Months later, a woman named Lisa Ohrlund wrote me from Sweden, saying that my print called Night Run, depicting horses in waves reminded her of dolphins, and that she felt compelled to tell me that while she was travelling in Saudi Arabia, she had been told that the Bedouins believe that dolphins and horses share the same spirit. She had never seen Brother Earth, Sister Sea.

I then met a marine biologist and horse breeder, who upon seeing my painting, explained that he had often thought of the two as similar species in behavior and intelligence. The most recent came from my friend Janice Otero, a dolphin lover who spends much of her time tracking stories about their amazing spirits. She sent me this clipping from an Australian newspaper:

“Almost daily, Sandy Sandford helps out some of his horse trainer friends by exercising their gallopers behind his battered fishing dinghy on a secluded stretch of the Port river. Billy (the dolphin), performs as a willing and unpaid “pacemaker” for the horses as they swim.”
“He bobbed up one morning when he was only a little fellow – about two feet long,” Sandy says. “He seemed intrigued by the boat and horses and came in very close while his mother kept a respectable distance. It wasn’t long before he began swimming right alongside the horses.”


  1. Oh Kim! Thank you so deeply! I too have a affinity to Divine Beings who are wearing horse and dolphins suits just as I am wearing a human body. I lived in Hawaii for twelve years and spent many moments at sea and the mountains, very easy on the Big Island to do. Out at sea, I would lay one one of the hauls of a catamaran, Hawaiian canoe or boat, as I would feel and see the sea I would call the dolphins and they always came and would swim and frolic beside us and look deep into my eyes with this knowing of we are the same and connected. And I had a horse up the mountains who loved the smell of the sea on me, he was quite a Being.

    Someone very dear to me passed a few months ago and I went into a shock which led me into depression but depression is not like the world sees it, I depressed, I cocooned myself from the world for several months, depressing also causes the chatter in the brain to stop completely. All I did was listen to harmonious music while my heart was stirring, feeling, allowing tears. From my experiences and knowing I knew my loved one only left his garment and was living somewhere else, Love is never lost. But a part of me missed his presence, as the journey progressed I know feel his presence and know we are never separated. But the depressing, the cacooning from life brought me up to a deeper level within me which is now a stable foundation where I am living from, not off and on, but always. My Sacred Heart! That movement, that stirring within my heart that has became so strong feelings like when I was pregnant and the child always moving and pulsating put to all of life.

    Now as I have started interacting with the world more, if the chattering starts it’s so easy to notice and stop it and stay in my heart. I had those tell me I was grieving to much and needed to see a counselor, I knew that’s not what I needed, I just needed to allow this, but it opened a door for the chatter to come in for a moment and try to put labels on my tears, oh it’s because of this and that from your childhood blah blah, I allowed the memories for a few moments unattached and let them go, because this was about my heart, my soul expressing completely. And of course there are tears, our society and myself included, has put ourselves, our soul into a jail, for societies priorities having nothing to do with our hearts. Of course being released from jail would bring many many tears before exploding into joy and freedom, it’s a journey. I no longer ask what’s wrong with me, but what’s wonderful about me!

    Your “The Creation of Brother Earth, Sister Sea” brought so much joy to me when I opened it this morning as it talks to my journey and our deep connectivemess to all of Life! So beautiful! Thank you! And the Love and Strength and cooperation of these Beings talks to all of us as we all have this in us too!
    I watched the movie “I AM” by Tom Shadyak, he produced ace Ventura and a lot of comedies, beautifully done. He woke up from the facade, and everyone would benefit from his journey. There is hope, we are waking up.

    Thank you for your Beautiful work! The timing of receiving your news letter is beautiful. But of course it’s natural, we are all connected.
    With Love and Appreciation

  2. Dear Kim
    Harmonious music was what moved me in this journey, it stops the chatter and frees the heart. The main ones are
    The Celoo’s song…..Kostia and David arkenstone
    The Spirit of Olympia. ……Kostia and David Arkenstone
    Maid Marian…….Michael Kamen
    I so recommend others to cocoon themselves, let go and listen to The Great Masters who wrote these and knew it was music for the Soul to uplift us out of the density of lower human behavior to a place of Love and connectedness.
    Thank you for your beautiful work!

  3. Dear Kim,
    Your story is captivating and sounds like a fairy tale. The setting that you found brims with life and happiness. Sometimes that’s exactly what a parched spirit needs at 5 am. I’m so glad your dream came true and you found a place that fills your soul. No wonder you soar!

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