Field of Dreams ~ An Invitation to a New Way of Being

 On my Facebook page I discuss how to use the “Way of the Horse – Equine Archetypes for Self Discovery” Book and Card set
which I co-created with author Linda Kohanov

I invited readers to ask a question I could pose to the Cards as a sample reading.
Below I will be sharing a question and an excerpt from the book, as well as my own interpretation:

Way of the Horse facebook page

Jayne’s Question for the Cards was:

“Hello thanks for the opportunity here . I wish to ask the purpose of my daughter and her issues at this moment as we are both experiencing the same issues , we are both very stressed and anxious and experiencing financial issues and also feeling stuck in moving forward . Nothing seems to be in flow at the moment as though life is frozen . So much emotional , mental and physical blocks in the way , we were in flow then a obstacle has come before us . She is my mirror if i can clear ME i know i will help her too . Thanks for reading hope this makes sense …Namaste xx”


"Way of the Horse ~ Equine Archetypes for Self-Discovery" Book and Card set available for $35 at

“Way of the Horse ~ Equine Archetypes for Self-Discovery” Book and Card set available for $35 at


The card I selected for Jayne was “Field of Dreams”

"Field of Dreams" Pastel Painting by Kim McElroy

“Field of Dreams” Pastel Painting by Kim McElroy

Field of Dreams


Unexpressed Vitality and Imagination
Heart’s Desire
Self-Care Supporting Innovation


The Gift
No matter how disconnected you feel from the needs of your own soul,
this image reminds you that the restless spirit inside, the one that sometimes
feels dominated and spurred on by the demands of society and survival,
that dark horse racing through your dreams, is not so much
running away from responsibility as galloping toward the fulfillment of
your deepest heart’s desire.

The Challenge
The temptation to rein in this horse – and all he represents – is premature.
Turn him loose, let him play, watch him express himself on his own terms,
and he’ll lead you to a more soulful relationship with power,
intuition, instinct, and creativity.


Excerpt from the Way of the Horse Guidebook text by Linda Kohanov:

“Self-care is the key. Many educational, societal, and parental dictates are designed to turn people into workhorses.  Resist the urge to run yourself into the ground.  Taking time to rest, eat well, and enjoy life nourishes creativity, allowing you to move from a surviving to a thriving orientation.

Horses can help you explore the paradox of power and vulnerability, passion and gentleness, freedom and partnership.  If you’ve never owned a horse, this urge may very well mark the reawakening of a childhood dream.  If you’re an experienced equestrian, you may be craving the kind of relationship that first drew you to the barn – the magical connection between horse and human.

… In this field of dreams, you will glimpse a new way of being.


My insights on the creation of “Field of Dreams” and how it lead to a New Way of Being for me:

From my perspective given the thoughts Linda shared above, I can say that often when we set out to view a certain outcome in our lives, that outcome doesn’t necessarily come to pass, but something better can come along if we are open to it.  When I painted Field of Dreams, what I had in mind was a beautiful work of art, but what my ego was also seeking was a connection with famous actress Bo Derek, because this was a painting of her horse.  I didn’t know if she even owned the horse anymore, I just thought maybe if I painted him, just like in the movie “Field of Dreams” – she would come and buy it and make me famous in the process : )  Indeed – when I sent her a photograph of it, she sent me a kind note on her pretty stationary that said “When I look at Field of Dreams I can see and smell Centauro”. 

So instead of fame and fortune, how did Field of Dreams lead me to a new way of Being?   It led me down a much different road than I had expected.  In 1993 I entered the artwork in an art competition called “Horses in Motion” put on by Equine Images Magazine.  It was accepted to hang in the show at the Kentucky Derby Museum.  While at that show I met a very sweet and handsome outrider named Glenn Webster who worked at Churchill Downs, and I invited him to attend the show.  That night, the painting accomplished more than I could have ever dreamed – when it won the People’s Choice Award out of over 400 works of art that night.  But what it led to years later was something that changed my life.  I stayed in touch with the outrider, Glenn, and years later while touring the backstretch of Churchill Downs, I met my first horse Darma, who was the catalyst for me to become who I am today and where I live today – and the lives of all the animals I’ve rescued because of her.  So…  our Field of Dreams is sometimes not what we set out to dream of – but can be something entirely different and much better.


Follow me into fields of dreams
Where the honey-scented lupine revives your imagination
You will be surrounded by purple; the color of intuition and dreams
My coat is the color of mystery and midnight
I reflect all colors of light and shadow.
I will carry you on a journey through the meadows your soul remembers

~ Kim McElroy

I hope you all enjoy these thoughts, and Jayne, I hope this helps you and that you and your daughter find your flow again!May the Horse be with you
~ Kim McElroy




  1. Truly ‘brilliant,’ KIm: Field of Dreams is my favorite card: your insights, personal experience and enhancement make the horse shimmer anew with fresh vitality. What a wonderful gift to wake up to this remarkably calm Sunday morning… (I have something to add, but I will post in under the Namaste post.)

  2. Hi Kim,
    As usual, I always learn and appreciate something new about YOU and about your creative process. Along with that, I can just love your actual paintings and the beauty of them.

  3. Hi Kim (and thankyou Jayne),

    This really touched something inside of me because, Jayne, like you I have been feeling ‘stuck’ for a long time now and financially burdened. I always feel something giving me what I need – just – but feel a massive struggle with life and bringing something forward that is worthwhile. Field of dreams and your own experience Kim shows that we all go through these times. You are a real inspiration and helping hand with others today – from a place not so far away.
    And lastly, my beloved horse Zulu made his journey home in August 2010. He was my field of dreams, a beautiful black horse so full of presence. He had an accident when he was 5 years old and became my teacher until he was 18. Everything I learnt was because of him and I felt him coming through your picture and words. I haven’t felt him for a long time. I couldn’t stop crying. Maybe the dreams I once had have not died – maybe I thought they had.
    Many blessings Michele x

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