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Full Circle

“Full Circle”

You are surrounded by the wisdom of Nature
The guides of the past, present, and future
Travel with you through time
As they watch over you
They shine their benevolent light
Into your open heart

Hear the rhythmic crashing of the waves
Like the inhale and exhale of the Earth
Gaze into the rainbow waters
And find the clarity and direction
Of your true self

~ Kim McElroy

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  1. Sometimes you also might find the need to dive in and try a little body surfing – ride those waves, those beautiful sea horses and ‘feel’ one with the world. I was lucky enough to share this experience with my mother when I was a little boy – to learn to find myself in the waves, to be able to relax in motion. So, yes, your painting is profoundly beautiful and might entice us to dive in and experience a little more.

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