Night Run

Hello – and welcome to the first entry to my blog.  I am so excited to share my art in this manner that allows me to hear from people who view and read my e-Inspirations!

My art has always been about connecting and communicating with others who feel as I do about horses and life.  In this painting, the spirits of horses combine with the waves as a tangible reminder of the energetic power and wisdom in Nature. I hope you feel as I do about the mysteries of horses and the sea…
~ Kim

“Night Run” Nine horses running in the crest, two appearing in the mist”

“Night Run” Nine horses running in the crest, two appearing in the mist”

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From the distant corners of the earth… we have come

Across the oceans of time… we have come




We are ancient myth

Formed of salt and water

Earth and air

Feel us as the stillness in the air after a storm

Hear us as the roaring waves of a thousand hoofbeats

We have come to fulfill our destiny

Join us…

Night Run Insights

All my life I have been fascinated with the unseen, with spirits, and with hidden images in aspects of nature.

I grew up in the city of Long Beach — where the only touch of nature was a calm breakwater beach bereft of shells, or digging clams in the mud by concrete piers. The weather a mild sunny constant and the rain only smelling of wet pavement.

Then my parents bought vacation property on the Hood Canal in Washington State. In contrast, Washington was a lush wilderness that filled me with fascination. I loved the dense mysterious woods, miles of oyster beaches and the tide pools, rivers, and waterfalls. The gentle rain had the smell of green, and the sky was as complex a world as the woods, with its dark cloud formations in layers of light and shadow. The sunsets lit up the clouds over snow-capped mountains, and reflected on the brilliant water. There I reveled in Nature’s mysteries of the salmon spawning, and eagles and deer were a common encounter.

I would often find driftwood on the beach and see in it the shapes of dragons and sea creatures. My skill at carving the driftwood wasn’t satisfying enough, so I turned to drawing the creatures in the wood. Always my desire to draw was a desire to reveal to myself and to others, what I could perceive.

This love of Nature and what I could see and feel in her presence was the true beginning of the “Horses in the Elements” series. When I saw the horses in the waves that inspired “Night Run” I hearkened back to the magic of my childhood, when I could see dragons in driftwood, and almost hear the voice of the sea.

Kim McElroy


  1. I like the graphic. :mrgreen:

  2. Dear Kim

    Bravo! This is brilliant, thank you so much I really enjoyed this, at first you dont see the horses, then one by one you do! Now whenever I look at it, there they all are…beautiful!

    Kindest thoughts,

  3. Hi Jill
    So glad you enjoyed finding the horses. It is always a pleasure watching people find them for the first time. I had one client that had owned the print for 3 years, and he came over to a studio tour with some friends. I was telling his guests that there were 9 horses in the crest and 2 horses in the mist and he said, “What 2 horses in the mist?” Turns out he never knew they were there! So it became a new painting to him all over again!

    May the spirits of horses be with you
    ~ Kim McElroy

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