One with the Wind ~ The Spirit of Casanova


Feel the wind
It blows through you and around you
It is my spirit embracing you

Hear the wind
In the chimes that ring out in the breeze
It is my spirit reminding you

One with the wind
I am forever free running through meadows of memories
It is my spirit within you

~ Kim McElroy

Casanova was a beautiful paint gelding who became an angel too soon. When his owner Alicia contacted me she shared her deep grief, which was still vivid even after several years. He was more to her than a companion, he had been her solace and her only joy at that time in her life. When she asked me to paint his portrait, I suggested that I could meditate with Casanova’s spirit and ask for guidance. She agreed and felt this would be comforting to her. She believed he was still with her in spirit. She had even had a sign from him. One day after he had passed, his halter in the barn had suddenly fallen off the rack when no one was near it. Even though she couldn’t refute this physical sign of his presence, she missed him too much to feel comforted by the connection.

n addition to losing Casanova, she had lost most of the photos of him in a fire. The remaining photos weren’t ideal to convey his beauty for his portrait, but I assured her I could work with what we had. 

In meditation with Casanova I saw his eyes with my inner sight and felt drawn within his spirit.  I become aware of the sound of wind, and of wind chimes, and I felt the feelings of his warmth and love for Alicia. I saw a vision of his mane blowing in the wind with an eagle feather in his mane.  These insights became a part of the portrait when I painted it. The meditation allowed me to not only see Casanova’s beauty in his photographs with my eyes, but to feel his spirit with my heart, and all of those feelings and visions went into every stroke of my pastel chalk.

Alicia told me that now that she is able to look into his eyes again she feels his presence more vividly. She even had a large print mounted of the painting to hang in her barn near his stall, so that he is always with her, inside and out.

Sometimes I am asked to paint a horse that is no longer living. What then
am I painting? In my portraits I know the photographs I am using as references are just representations of the horse as they were in life, yet I believe I am painting not a memory, but a spirit that is still present. I feel as if I am creating a window through which we can witness the horse’s state of being… “where” they exist now. The horse’s owners confirm this, saying they feel like their horse is present in the portrait more than in any photograph.
One client beautifully voiced this feeling after she viewed her horse’s portrait for the first time. As fate would have it, she had lost her horse after ongoing health challenges only two weeks before I had finished his portrait. Neither of us knew how she would feel upon seeing it. She said, “I expected to feel empty, but I feel filled”.
Adapted from Blog Story – “The Immortal Horse

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  1. This is a beautiful and profound tribute to Casanova. The vision and inclusion of the eagle feather carry a very deep significance and connection at the soul level, the bond of love that never fades. I love this one.

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