A Song of Stillness

A Song of Stillness

Stillness can be cultivated in all places and all states of mind

Stillness is in the benevolent horse
Who offers the guidance of his spirit
And the wisdom of his heart

Stillness is in the roar of the waterfall
And the vibration of harmony when
many sounds make one sound

Stillness is in the curve of a swan’s neck
Connecting the upper realms of spirit with the lower realms of the physical
Representing strength through silence

Stillness is in the ripples of thought
that follow the wake of movement
And in the bubbles of new ideas rising to the surface of consciousness.

Be… Still…

– Kim McElroy

The inspiration for “A Song of Stillness” was created from images I received during a meditation asking for a vision to portray the Soul Essence of a horse named Star. Star became an angel in 2007. Star’s owner Nicole, who is an Equine Inspired Personal Coach, described Star as discerning; “he was clear in his communication and if the human did not respond Star would be impatient or not seek the presence of that person”. She described him as a teacher of being-ness.

The imagery that came to me for Star’s portrait did indeed come most clearly when I released my expectations of wanting to understand the imagery and allowed the stillness of meditation to fully wash over me. The waterfall represents a release of power between the upper realm of rushing water and the lower calm, still pool. The treble cleft represents octave range of lower and higher vibrations, upper and lower realms again; strengthening these themes of Star’s abilites. Author Ted Andrew’s book Animal Speak describes the swan’s neck is a bridge area between the head – higher realms and the body – lower worlds. The foal portrays a new life or new essence emerging.

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