“In the alchemy of destiny
Time is a window to other selves
As we remember who we once were
And who we wanted to be

We can remember
What we came here for
What we can forgive
And what we can change

The now becomes a moment
Ripe with potential and choice
Unfettered by the past
We can see with new clarity

We can move mountains like the wind over the sand
Erasing monuments of doubt
And creating again and again
The visions of the future”

~ Kim McElroy

KC is an Arabian gelding who came into Suzanne’s life as a harbinger of change. He led her to rescue other horses that needed care in their aging, and along the way, Suzanne began to remember her true purpose to help people and caregivers heal. She asked me to create a Soul Essence portrait of KC that could help her define him as a catalyst in her life.
In meditation with KC I saw visions of Egyptian mythology – the falcon god Horus, equated with the sun god RA. RA is the supreme ruler of all seen and unseen realms. Images of a repeating sun, and a falcon were prominent.

Suzanne’s Comments:

Over the past two years I have had the tremendous good fortune to come to know Kim McElroy. The path we traveled as Alchemy took form has been life-changing, an experience for which I will forever be grateful to Kim for serving as the guide. The timing of the unveiling of this portrait (I did not know when it was to be released) is just one more sign that everything happens just as and when it should.
I invite you to learn more about “Alchemy” or KC, my equine soul mate and catalyst of so much of what is wonderful and good in my life. As the title of this work suggests, his presence in my life has been transformative.

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Alchemy - KC