My namesake shines as a red bright star
Mistaken for Mars when seen from afar
On earth I am a holder of dreams
A mare of moment who is much esteemed
But for one woman’s heart I especially glow
And she is the only one I know
Who understands my equine heart and mind
In this legacy of love we are entwined

~ Kim McElroy

I met Antares’ owner Kris in 1996 at the Equitana Horse exhibition in Kentucky. Antares was the inspiration for Kris’s farm, Starry Knight Friesians, and Antares led Kris to a lifetime love of the breed.
Sometimes the best things are worth waiting for, and inspirations come together as they are meant to. I met and photographed Antares in 2009 but it was to be quite a few years before the timing was right to embark on her portrait. Yet when I did so, it came together seamlessly. When we look at the span of time it takes to create a star, we realize that we are often in alignment, without even knowing it.

Reference Photos: 

Antares Constellation reference used with permission from Warren Keller

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  1. Lovely Kim,
    A very good example of waiting for spirit to move you. Love how that connection works because it cant be forced or faked. Enlightenment.

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