Bella’s Song

Bella’s Song

It seemed you flew away
yet the breeze held your memory
And like the butterfly
you awakened again
In a new form of innocence and grace.
~ Kim McElroy

Bella was a beautiful mare who left this earth much too soon. She touched her owner’s hearts so deeply in the two years they had her, that they commissioned me to create a portrait of her that would celebrate her unique spirit. Bella’s registered name was “Ka Bo’s Butterfly”. Synchonicity told me there was meaning behind this symbol, so I depicted a butterfly in her portrait. Not long afterward, Bella’s spirit returned in a new filly they found… named Diva


Dear Kim

When I first saw your work, it was somehow very familiar… as you yourself were. All very “deja vu”, in an inner gut sort of way. I don’t know if I had met you or seen your work in the past or maybe in our own pasts…

it’s very hard to put into words what I felt when I saw “Bella’s Song”. My last look at her in my arms when she died was just the shell of who she was, but looking for the first time at “Bella’s Song” it was truly her spirit looking back at me as if she were there by my side. People often said we looked as one when I rode her. It is hard to speak of a connection that is as fine as silk but that strongly binds hearts and thoughts together.

~ Jen

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