Black Root Medicine

Black Root Medicine

…Walk clockwise around the Black Root Medicine Wheel to the West Shield where Bear waits beside the glistening, obsidian Black Rock at the mouth of her den. She is a big, silvertip grizzly… dark-brown, almost black… fearless and strong… she has survived many winters and raised many cubs. Stand boldly before her… dare to look deep into her dark, gleaming eyes… make her great strength, her tenacity and her self-sufficiency your own…
Excerpt from ‘May I Be Well, A Meditation on the Black Root Medicine Wheel’
Black Root Medicine, The Original Native American Essiac Formula, Mali Klein, 2014

“Black Root Medicine” was commissioned by author Mali Klein for the cover of her book by the same title. Mali requested artwork depicting a female Silvertip Grizzly bear with a medicine wheel within a cross of white fire, and a sheep sorrel root. This work marked one of my most unique opportunities to paint my first bear.

Review excerpt: Black Root Medicine takes a uniquely inclusive look at the early known history of the Native American formula that was the basis for Canadian nurse Rene Caisse’s herbal remedy Essiac, first made famous in the 1920s when it was refined down to four herbs from eight herbs. ‘Black Root Medicine’ is captivating with its evocative illustrations as well as the beautiful prose of Mali Klein’s writing.

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