Between this world and the next
There is a luminous veil
You believe it is invisible
It is if you believe
In order to understand clairvoyance,
And learn what it means to be clear seeing…
And See

~ Kim McElroy

When Holly asked me to paint the spirit of her beloved mare, Claire, after she had passed, she did not tell me much about her. She wanted my impressions to be a blank slate from which to create what I saw and felt as her spirit. At first, I had trouble sensing Claire’s spirit, and I reached out to my friend and animal communicator Diane Barrett. Diane felt that Claire had messages for me and for Holly. This is when Holly told me that Claire’s name was short for “Clairvoyance”. Thus, began the process of healing for Holly’s grief, and an intuitive awakening for us both.

When Claire did make herself known to me, she did so by showing me a picture of wings and feathers, and later, an impression of her looking through the feathers in a playful way. Diane confirmed my intuitions and she said her feathers were all the colors of the rainbow. I learned this was Claire’s way of showing us how to choose what we wanted to focus our intuition on. What is obscured from us will be revealed.

I drew Claire’s feathers with iridescent pastel. Depending upon the angle of view, they seem to shine and shift and change. Upon completion of the portrait, I found a beautiful iridescent gold feather unlike anything I had ever seen before. I knew it was from Claire. We mutually chose the title spelled “Clair-ity” in honor of Claire’s name.

I look forward to hearing what she reveals to you…

Reference photo:

Reference Photo

Holly’s Thoughts:

I have been a huge fan of Kim McElroy’s art for so many years. How she captures the soul in each piece would touch me in a way that would make life seem magical. Her work is stunningly beautiful, but so are the words that are written for each painting. When delving into her art, you can feel the essence and spirit and it makes me want to keep looking at each one as the messages are so heartwarming and unique.

After recently losing my heart horse Claire (Clairvoyant), I just knew I had to reach out to Kim about doing a portrait. I wanted something that captured her soul, but not from my perception, but the perception Claire wanted to send through Kim. I wanted the true essence so much so, that I withheld telling Kim details as I wanted Claire’s message. I wanted that magical piece that would stay with me forever. And the finished portrait, “Clairity” captured my visions of my heart horse in ways I cannot explain.

She was aptly named Clairvoyant, because she truly could read my thoughts and helped me grow and become a better person. She was gracious and forgiving, but also brutally honest.  She supported me emotionally when I was hurt or in need, but would call me out when I was angry or bitter. She was so forthright and her communication was so clear you could almost hear the words.

Captured in the portrait you can see the clarity of her spirit with beautiful iridescent wings of many colors. For me those colors reflect her entire being as she truly was a horse of many colors.  Then the purple background with various facets was so real to me, because I had showed interest in the energy and power of crystals and stones. I made notes of which she was drawn to and which she shied from. Her clear favorite was amethyst, so much so that I carried a small one with me in my pocket and still do in honor of her.  

Kim didn’t just give me a beautiful portrait of Claire. She gave me a visual reminder of who she was in spirit and of how lucky I was to have had in her my life. When I look at this, I forget all the sadness of losing her and feel a warm embrace that she would so readily give me when I needed one. It is exactly what I hoped for and needed to help heal a broken heart, feel the closeness we shared and know she is with me always.


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