Cougar Spirit Dance

Cougar Spirit Dance

Freedom of the Spirit
is achieved from the courage
to overcome the pain of inner and outer wounds,

The strength to climb
the mountains of adversity,

And the heart to ride
the wings of destiny.

~ Kim McElroy

The inspiration for “Cougar Spirit Dance” came from images I received during a meditation asking for a vision to portray the Soul Essence of a horse named Cougar.  Cougar’s story is fascinating.  A quarter horse bred for racing, he was born with a domestic herd and raised in the wild as a young colt, but when he was four months old a cougar injured him and killed his mother. Somehow Cougar escaped and then survived against all odds alone through a harsh mountain winter, from a combination of instinct, intelligence, and ingenuity.  He was found again the following Spring.

I asked for a vision of how to create the intent and meaning of this message in a painting.  I saw a feather, vivid against the sun.  It was an eagle feather.  Gradually, I saw the imagery of Cougar running, superimposed against an eagle and a mountain lion, as a reminder of the gift of overcoming adversity.  Now Kent and Cougar rise on the wings of the eagle to new heights of power and strength.

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Cougan Spirit Dance

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