“In the gauntlet of time
Unforeseen allies appear
Our guides and guardians
Offer love ~ Conquer fear

Led by wisdom from sources
More ancient than we
Ever standing at crossroads
We cannot see

We are given the freedom
To make choices in trust
Gaining insight through courage
To move forward we must

The patterns are formed
Through our relations we learn
That all is connected
Around every turn”

~ Kim McElroy

Eleanor wanted to commission a work of art that would portray her four mares together. After meeting her and photographing her mares I was inspired to create an image of a Celtic knot pattern in a circle or square. I envisioned Eleanor’s horses woven into the pattern in each of the 4 directions in the colors of the Native American medicine wheel. I felt that the Celtic pattern was symbolic of how the four horses in Eleanor’s life were connected to each other and to her. The moon was a strong symbol for Eleanor as well, so I depicted the moon over the water, symbolic of feminine power and emotion. Eleanor requested that I depict animal totems to represent qualities of each of the horses. The powerful symbolism and presence of the birds became a major part of this work of art.

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Eleanor’s Comments about the final painting:

Due to my particular circumstances, “Crossroads” came into being over a period of several years. This actually turned out to be very interesting and beneficial as it allowed valuable insights, including meaningful and diverse elements included in the final piece, to reveal themselves gradually and gracefully. Kim has been lovely to work with, generous and patient throughout the long journey, always listening to my input so as to glean what was important to me and offering the benefit of her experience and wisdom in bringing the painting to fruition. Getting to know her in the course of the journey is a joyous and unanticipated gift.
Early on when I contacted Kim one of my mares had already passed on. Since Kim’s process is intuitive and visionary, however, she is able to capture the essence of a horse’s being anyway. As it happens, one of my other mares passed on during the time it took to create the painting, so to see both of them again at the unveiling was truly breathtaking. For me, “Crossroads” pulses with the aliveness of my four beautiful mares, as if they are coming right out of the painting, looking at me. To have them immortalized in this beautiful artwork is powerful, personal, and a treasure almost beyond words.

Reference photos:

Crossroads - Dorie Crossroads Fine Time Crossroads Gidget- Crossroads Mikey