Diva Divine

Diva Divine

“Trust in the unknown
Let it be within
There is a plan and a journey unfolding
On the other side of the unknown
is a familiar feeling
of coming home to yourself
Harmony is achieved
when we align our wills
release our resistance
and remember our purpose
Remember the wild in you
before you were tamed”

~ Diva (as interpreted by Kim McElroy)

Diva was like a part of Melinda’s sense of home, and when she lost her she felt bereft of that safe haven. During the creation of her portrait I meditated with Diva and she shared with me a vision of a swan. Symbolically the swan can be a guide to self acceptance and how to see the inner beauty within oneself regardless of outer appearances. This was a particularly vivid message for Melinda, and the portrait has helped her to feel that her relationship with Diva can continues to evolve beyond space and time.

Melinda’s comments:
Kim kept in contact with me throughout the whole process of creating Diva’s portrait. She sent mock-ups of the portrait and told me of the intuitive communications she had with Diva. If I had a question, she always answered as soon as she could. She always treated my connection to Diva with tenderness and respect.
When Diva was finally on her way home, I think Kim was just as excited as I was. The portrait is stunning and Kim went to extra effort to include a beautiful braid of Diva’s hair in the framing. Diva now presides in the living room of our home, but being the true Diva she is, no matter which way you come in the house, she is first to be seen.
In regards to how I feel about her portrait, it is difficult to put it into words. The photos that I have of Diva, while beautiful, aren’t really her. If someone wanted to see what she looked like, I would proudly show them the photos. If someone asked about who Diva was, I would even more proudly show them her portrait.
Having her home again by way of the portrait is, quite honestly, kind of disconcerting. She watches everything. I’m glad she is home, but it feels like we are redefining our relationship. It doesn’t feel anything like I thought it would. But, then again, Diva never did anything like I expected. Getting to know her portrait is as wonderful and complex and wonderfully complex a journey as any relationship.

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