“I come from afar
From a distant star
An extraterrestrial being
If you would like to learn
Of the mysteries you yearn
You must first believe what you are seeing

You may think you know
Who I am here below
The mammalian form you call horse
When you begin to ask
You will forget what is past
Only then can you learn from the source”

~ Kim McElroy

This portrait was commissioned by Leta for Eclipse’s owner Janet as a surprise gift.  Leta introduced me to Eclipse and I took the photographs for his portrait.  He is both beautiful and an amazing athlete, and many of the pictures turned out well, but I was very fortunate to capture this image of him as the very last photo of the day.  With his unique name and white color I knew right away that I would want to portray him against an eclipsed moon, and then I had the impulse to place him in the moonlit surf.  When I unveiled the painting, at first his owner was speechless, and then she said “How did you know?”  “Know what?” I replied.  “How did you know that Eli loves the surf and actually loves jumping the waves, which is unusual for a horse.”  Leta said with a smile, “That’s exactly what Kim does…”

Reference photo:

Numbered and signed by Kim McElroy

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