“Light Beings are accessible
They’re just like you and me
A glimpse, a glance, a glimmer of light
Is all we get to see

Some hear words and others sense
Others may never feel
But faith allows the heart to chance
For meaning to be revealed

Some Beings blend with living things
Who are equally wise
Thus angels with invisible wings
Are embodied in disguise

They see our path and offer aid
Compassionate and steadfast
Offering gifts that were mislaid
And ways made clear at last

So next time you behold a horse
Think twice on what you’ve learned
You may just tap an unseen force
For which you’ve always yearned”

~ Kim McElroy

In meditation with Aspen I asked to receive imagery for her connection with her owner, Marcy. She appeared and walked toward me as a horse, but then she started to metamorphose into something lighter. Her black coat began to disappear and drift away as her form became taller and filled with light. I saw her as a human angelic form with wings. I felt her presence as gracious and wise and conveying a sense of peace and deep knowing. She conveyed that she is in Marcy’s life as a teacher. When I completed the meditation I looked at the photo I had taken of Aspen and I could see the faint image of an angelic face overlapping her face.

I asked Aspen what it means to be an angel in horse form. In my mind’s eye I saw the image of big metal hinges being hammered into the air – forming the hinge for a transparent door in the sky that opened to a heavenly realm from the earth realm. There were no walls, just a door. The door was tilted at an angle about 45 degrees in the air towards the sky – so whoever would choose to open the door would have to push it from below – it seemed to be a heavy door with big knob and a key left in the lock on the earth side. Then I saw the image of the Angel and Aspen sharing the same form, how smooth and effortless it could be for a spirit to be two places at once – to be two beings in one – blended together. To me the symbols meant that we humans think that in order to engage with spiritual realms it has to be with effort such as that required to open a heavy door, and that we think we are separate, such as the symbol of the door separating the two realms. When in reality those realms are always among us – effortlessly overlapping and blending with all, and that all it takes to perceive these realms is an open mind. There is no separation between realms, no separation between the definition of what is an Angel and what is a horse… What a beautiful message! Thank you Aspen!

Marcy’s Comments:

Kim truly captured the spirit of Aspen in her portrait. Aspen was my engagement gift from my boyfriend (now husband). I had almost leased Aspen two years prior to her being for sale. This time when I rode her I just knew that she was the one! I was attracted to her caring and easy nature. She has been with me through many ups and downs. She has held the space when I have cried on her beautiful black shoulder and cantered with incredible grace with me smiling and giggling on her back. Kim tapped into her her core message as a teacher. I just never knew that a teacher could be 1,200lbs! I feel Kim’s imagery of the angel and the woman’s face overlapping Aspen’s face speak to deeper meanings that will unfold over time. I feel that Aspen sees into my soul and her portrait perfectly encapsulates her spirit. Thanks Kim from Aspen’s heart and mine!

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