Embrace the Night

Embrace the Night

“My wish for this night
May the world be put right
May all become calm
As we look to the light
By the moon’s smiling face
We vow life to embrace
And with wisdom and love
Hope will come from above”
~ Kim McElroy

Audrey described Rocky as an invaluable and stalwart companion in a time of emotional upheaval in her life. He provided her with much needed stability and unconditional love. Losing him had been a very difficult time for her, but his health issues inspired her to become a barefoot hoof trimmer and to learn more about horse nutrition and healing. Rocky’s gift to her continues to give back to all the horses she helps.

When I did a meditation with Rocky for his portrait, his image appeared to me blended with moonlit clouds and an ancient cedar tree. These images stayed with me as I looked again at his photograph, and I noticed for the first time a cedar tree behind him. I asked Audrey about the tree and she said the picture was taken in Rocky’s paddock at her parents’ property, and that she had always felt the tree had a magical presence. She said some of her most special times with Rocky had been when she would go out in the night an embrace his warm neck and express all the feelings she had inside her. I felt this was the core of the message conveyed in the images I saw.

It always amazes me when I can connect with the spirit of a beloved horse and receive insights that express the depth of the mutual love between a horse and their person. These images infused my art with the mystery of that ongoing connection and with the gentle spirit that I saw in Rocky’s eyes.

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Audrey’s Comments:
Kim has an innate ability to bring the horses in her portraits to life. In my portrait of Rocky, Embrace The Night, it feels as though I could reach out and stroke his neck or that he may just reach out and nuzzle me! It’s like I have Rocky home with me again. I am so grateful to Kim and her wonderful gift. She is so in tune to the horse’s energy and it’s conveyed in all the portraits she creates.

Reference photo:

Embrace the Night - Rocky