Everlasting Shades of Amber

Everlasting Shades of Amber

“When fiery youth and life is brief,
questions and sadness remain.
Yet in another realm his spirit bids us
To dance with tigers, and gallop
joyfully into the unknown…
to keep our hearts open,
despite the pain
and know that love always is…
and will come again.”

~ Kim McElroy

Shades left the earth to soon. His owners knew of my art and felt compelled to contact me to ask me to paint his beautiful spirit. During the time they were waiting for their portrait, their own emotions about his loss were able to evolve somewhat, and when the time for his portrait came, and entirely new idea began to emerge. I often sit in meditation before composing a portrait, and during this experience I witnessed a vision of Shades emerging from a pool of water, accompanied by a playful tiger. They romped and rolled, in complete joy, and the experience was so lovely I had to share it. His owners felt comforted by the idea of his spirit in such joy, and agreed that they would love for me to include the tiger in his portrait. I found a perfect image of a tiger running in water, which complimented Shades striking coloring. Unbeknownst to me, the main feature of their property is a beautiful pond, and Shades was unusually attracted to the water, so much so that when ridden in the shallows he was inclined to want to roll. His owners have found much comfort in these synchronicities and in feeling reconnected with the spirit of their beloved horse. These amazing experiences always fill me with awe and joy, and remind me once again that we are all One.

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