Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams

“To be a horse!

“Follow me into fields of dreams
Where the honey-scented lupine revives your imagination
Purple, the color of intuition and insight
Black, the color of mystery and midnight
Together we will go on a journey
To the meadows your soul remembers.”

~ Kim McElroy


It is beautiful to see a horse running free. Especially if that horse is running to meet you. All that power and joy, at once dreamlike, and very, very real.

I did not get to meet this gorgeous horse, but like you I wished I could have been there to see this stunning vision. When I saw the photograph of Centauro running in a grassy field by my friend Jan Gyllenstern, I knew I had to paint it. The photo was already beautiful, but I wanted to make it even more so; to recreate it as a timeless dream, rather than a moment frozen in time.

I chose the setting of a hill of lupine flowers to surround this beautiful Andalusian stallion, setting off his powerful presence with soft purple petals. When I chose the flower, I found out later that they were the perfect choice for the title I had in mind. Lupine, containing the Latin word for wolf, also symbolizes happiness and new opportunities.



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