“Through the portal I shall fly
From heaven’s realm
to be by your side
My spirit’s light
was never dimmed
We can always choose
to begin again

In magic landscapes
I run free
Connected by love
and eternity
A wisdom vast
I eagerly share
When you are ready
to journey there.”

~ Kim McElroy

Fred’s portrait was an amazing evolution and an example of how every portrait has its own timing and its own life. Fred’s portrait concepts evolved from Sue’s life events and the visions she had of him after he crossed over. She told me she had seen him running free in a canyon. When she later went to visit her dear friend Bonnie at her new ranch in Gateway, Colorado, she realized it was Bonnie’s land she had seen in her vision. During this time, Bonnie sent me some photos of her land to contribute to Fred’s project. But then sadly, Bonnie suddenly passed away. Her death was a great loss for so many who loved her.

As I prepared to compose his portrait, I meditated with Fred’s spirit asking how he would like to be depicted and I received images of him as if through a portal, and also a vision of him on Bonnie’s land. Then I happened upon the photos Bonnie had sent, and I found this one intriguing photo that she had titled “The Portal”. When I contacted Sue to let her know of my inspiration to depict Fred there she was amazed, because the very next day she was going to a ceremony to spread Bonnie’s ashes at that very place. She felt it was a sign. The portrait is a tangible reminder for Sue of Fred’s powerful healing presence both during his life and in spirit, and it also connects her with her beloved friend Bonnie through the beautiful land that she so loved.

Reference photo: 

Gateway - Fred

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