Guides and Guardians

Guides and Guardians

“In ancient days when man was kind
The earth spoke with many a voice
All beings shared a special
bond of mind
Learning wisdom, depth, and choice

The winged-ones gave
perspective high
The reptiles stillness and stealth
The trees taught lessons of
earth and sky
The four-leggeds freedom and health

Nature has not forgotten her pact
Though man has strayed from the way
She continues to speak though we
do not hear

Hoping we will remember someday
So when you hear a voice within
Perhaps it is not your own
It may be the sound of your
long lost kin
Offering to lead you home”
~ Kim McElroy

“Guides and Guardians” was commissioned by a client as a talisman of her life’s journey and the animals who inspire her. Creating art is such a tangible way to honor where we have been and where hope to go in our lives. I really enjoyed creating this drawing in pencil, a medium I haven’t used since high school.

Tracey’s Comments:
I love it! It is exactly the way I pictured it!!! You have such an amazing talent… Thank you for making my vision come to life.

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