My heart is as ancient as the sea
To ride the waves you must follow me
I patiently wait for you to feel
The depths of wisdom which I reveal

In mind and body, heart and soul
We are gifted with life and thus a role
In the unfolding quest of love and light
Be still and trust your own insight

~ Kim McElroy

This painting was commissioned by Joy Collier for the cover of a book she is writing titled “Heartfelt”. When she saw my work she felt that I was the one who could make her vision come to life. She asked me to create a painting of a horse’s eye with a heart symbol somewhere in the composition. While contemplating her project, I ran across a picture of this beautiful friesian gelding I had photographed named Wouter, and I knew it wasn’t just a coincidence, that he was the one to model her vision of the heart of the horse.

Joy’s Comments:

A falcon flew through chasing a songbird the day that I went to pick up my commissioned piece from Kim McElroy. The falcon was chasing something he desired to have. Here I was chasing my dream of writing a book and looking for the right cover picture to attract readers and of course buyers.

I hoped that the falcon was unsuccessful in his quest but I felt very successful in finding the right artist to capture the perfect image to complement my work. I had met Kim a year before, by fate or chance if you will, at the Mane Event symposium in Cloverdale, British Columbia. I was drawn to her by her work and by her demeanour. After a brief discussion of what I was planning to write about and my interest in a work of art for the book cover, we decided to e-mail each other and come up with a plan. I found her easy to talk with and open to my thoughts. I also gave her artistic license to help me with my design.

The finished work was outstanding and everything that I could have dreamed of. Kim captured the essence of “Heartfelt” in the horse that she chose to use, the colours of the pastels and the brilliance of her work.

When I first saw “Heartfelt,” I saw such a quiet expectation in the eye or this creature. The expectation that a horse has when someone he trusts and cares for is coming into his world. When I saw the piece, framed and ready for me to take home, there was a strength of knowing, exuding from his face and neck.

Thank-you Kim for putting your heart and talent into this piece and making this experience one that I will always remember.

Joy Collier
Heartfelt Publications

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