Horses of the Four Elements ~ Limited Edition of 200

Horses of the Four Elements ~ Limited Edition of 200

Earth Horse
This mare from Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary – she is depicted in the desert, symbolic of the loss of her herd and habitat. this mare found freedom at the wild horse sanctuary and her portrait is a call to action to save the remaining wild horses and her kind from extinction.
Air Horse
This horse the color of deep blue and white clouds waits to guide us into an unknown portal through a whirlwind cloud tunnel
Fire Horse
This foal sleeps in the embrace of a nebula from the region of space known as the Equuleus Constellation.
Water Horse
This white horse is a Kelpie in disguise – the kelpie is a Scottish faery horse that is known for misleading travelers and luring them into the water. This kelpie is waiting to lead you into the depths of your own wisdom

Horses of the Four Elements was commissioned by my client Joseph from Portugal. Joseph told me of his love for nature and horses and his interest in commissioning two paintings representing horses embodying the essence of the four seasons and the four elements. Joseph has horses of his own but rather than their likenesses, he offered me the freedom to depict my own choice of horse models.

Numbered and signed by Kim McElroy


  1. Wow beautiful pictures!

  2. This is such a lovely composition that you have created of elementals and horses. Bless you, the horses and your work.

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