One horse is revealed

“In a split second the flash lit up the sky, and I saw
or thought I saw… no… it must be an illusion…
But then the thunder answered in the rolling sounds
Of a thousand hoofbeats.”

~ Kim McElroy

An Arizona postcard inspired me to create a painting of a horse in lightning. When I created the painting, I studied how the lightening traveled. I was reminded of physics classes which taught me that lightning always seeks the ground. Without a preconceived idea of what horse shape to draw, I drew each bolt as if it was real lightning crackling across the paper. What resulted was the haunting shape of a horse with its head held high as if fighting the earthly tethers that momentarily held it captive.

Some people see other images in the lightning, such as a native american dancer, a wizard, a sasquatch, and even a whale.

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